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1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Introduced in 1988, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf quickly became a highly sought-after silver bullion investment coin. The face value of $5 is higher than any other comparable silver bullion coin. All coins in the series have the phrase “Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur” stamped across the bottom on the back side. "Argent Pur" is French for "Pure Silver."

The obverse of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II in profile. The maple leaf design is textured and reveals a pattern of radial lines that diffract light in such a way as to make the coin appear to glow. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Bullion coins produced for 2014 and beyond have two new features for enhanced security.

The radial lines are machined to within microns in order to ensure consistency from die to die and coin to coin. The uniqueness of the line width and pitch creates a light diffracting pattern that is specific to the coin. Also added is a new visual security feature which is a laser engraved numeral which denotes the coin’s year of issue.

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