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Produced by the prestigious Royal Mint, these coins are the newest addition to the popular Silver Britannia coin series which was initiated in 1997.

The reverse of each coin bears the image of Britannia, one of the world’s oldest coin icons, recognized as a symbol of beauty, reliability and strength. designed by Philip Nathan, she is depicted on these silver coins in a classical toga and a war helmet. She is standing poised for battle. In one hand, she holds a trident, honoring Britain’s naval prowess. In the other hand, Britannia holds an olive branch and a round shield bearing the union jack, which represent the British navy’s duty to protect their nation by all means necessary.

On the obverse, Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed in her traditional profile pose, wearing her trademark diadem. Designed by Jody Clark, the image is framed by its denomination and the Latin abbreviation for “Dei Gratia Regina,” which means, “Queen by the Grace of God.”

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