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We're thrilled to see the positive impact our platform and services have on our clients. The appreciation for our easy-to-use platform, coupled with the security and versatility in precious metal investments, truly speaks to our commitment to excellence. Our clients' feedback highlights not just the value they find in using OWNx for their investment needs, but also the trust and satisfaction they feel towards our customer service and the tangible benefits our features offer.

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"The flexibility I have with my gold and silver is amazing. Buy and sell when I want in my normal account or in my IRA. Never seen anything like it!"
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  • From your dashboard, choose "Live Buy/Sell Transaction" to sell your metal immediately.

  • Select your account and enter the amount of metal you want to sell.

  • Click on "Accept and Sell Now."

  • Your cash is immediately available in your OWNx Cash Account and is available to:

    • Repurchase metal
    • Withdraw to your verified bank account by selecting your "OWNx Cash Account" and "Withdraw to Bank."

That's all there is to it. You have access to your Dashboard 24x7.

Access. Choice. Flexibility.