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Ways to Save and Invest


You know it’s a good idea to own physical gold and silver but the process of getting them has been time consuming. You would rather have a way to accumulate these assets that saves your valuable time so you can focus on more important things in your life.

Automatic Ownership Details


You keep an eye on the gold and silver market and you want control over exactly when to buy and sell. You understand the importance of owning physical gold and silver rather than an ETF, yet you want the same type of immediate access through an online platform.

Understanding Live Purchases


You want to allocate a portion of your retirement assets into physical gold and silver. You believe you should have direct control over your holdings and also want to maximize the number of ounces of gold and silver owned in your IRA. This streamlined option is for you.

IRA Specifics


Our technology gives you more…

| Time |

Save this valuable asset so that you can spend it on things that matter.

| Control |

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have constant access to your gold and silver.

| Flexibility |

Automatic. Now. IRA. Use one or all three depending on your specific needs.

…so that you can reach your financial goals
while doing what matters most to you.


This has created thousands of very happy clients.

“OWNx is simple and highly effective. Regularly dedicate cash flow and over time, amass a decent stack of gold and silver. Amazingly simple!”

Ronald – Toronto, Canada


Join thousands of others who have found that the OWNx platform empowers them to own physical gold and silver when and how they want.

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