The Smart, Simple Way to Own Precious Metals

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The Smart, Simple Way
to OWN Precious Metals

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Your freedom to easily manage physical assets in uncertain times.

| Access |

Our platform is available 24X7. Quickly react to our changing world.

| Choice |

You decide. Automatic. Now. IRA. Use one or all three to meet your specific needs.

| Flexibility |

Do what's best for you. Store your metal in a depository or take delivery.


OWN | Automatic |

You know it's a good idea to own physical gold and silver...

The world is in a period of uncertainty and transition. Markets are volatile and wild swings are becoming more common. During such periods, a proven strategy to accumulate assets is through what is known as "dollar-cost averaging," or making regular purchases of an asset over time. The problem is, do you really need another "to do" on your calendar? No.

That's why OWNx has made it automatic.

  • Decide on the dollar amount of metal you want to accumulate.
  • Decide on the timeframe to accumulate it over.
  • Use your OWNx dashboard to schedule regular purchases to reach your goal.
Done. Now you're free to live your life and let us do the work for you.

How it Works

OWNx has provided a smart and simple way to automatically save in silver and gold. I love the ability to conveniently accumulate precious metals, securely store the metal with a reasonable storage fee, and facilitate the delivery of the metal directly to my door.

Kevin H.



With all the uncertainty in the world, you keep an eye on gold and silver prices...

Maybe you have developed a feel for the market’s ebb and flow. It could be that you’ve been trading paper proxies like ETFs, but you realize in today's world it's better to own the real thing. How can you have 24X7 access to buy physical metals and also have instant liquidity?

The answer is now.

  • You decide when the time is right to buy or sell.
  • Click.
Done. You are in control.

How it Works

With OWNx I can buy and sell with the click of a button whether I am at home or playing with my kids in the park.

Janice R.



You have an eye on the future...

In today's unpredictable world, how can you best protect and grow your long term investments?

Precious metals have played a critical role in such times. However, a cumbersome set up process, high fees, and unreasonable gold and silver premiums left you on the sidelines. That is, until now...

Enter the OWNx trading platform:

  • Account setup is online.
  • Linking your OWNx, custodian, and depository accounts is seamless.
  • Once funds are moved into your account, you can buy and sell gold and silver instantly with zero paperwork.
  • Own a specific weight of low premium IRA approved bars.
More Ounces. More Control. Less Time. Lower Fees.

More IRA Information

The decision to establish an OWNx precious metals IRA was the right move. The online set-up process was simple and the service was top notch. Thanks OWNx!

Lois H.



You are on the go...

Today's investment landscape changes daily, sometimes hourly.

Access is a must.

Buy and sell physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium 24/7X365 in your personal account or in a Precious Metals IRA - all right from your mobile device! You also can set up a schedule and purchase automatically according to your budget.

The choice is yours.

We just make it smart and simple.
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