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Let's face it...

With all that is happening today, the last thing most people need is another thing to add to their weekly or monthly "to do" list. At the same time, never before has it been so important to have the financial insurance that physical precious metals provide.

In minutes, you can set up a schedule to buy precious metals that meets your needs and fits your budget.
The process is simple.
1. Create an account and verify a bank account to fund your purchases.
2. Add an automated schedule by simply click on "New Automatic Schedule."

  • Enter the dollar amount of your scheduled purchases.
    • Gold is purchased in grains, silver is purchased in ounces.
  • Select the bank account to fund your purchases.
  • Select which metal you want to buy.
  • Choose how often to purchase (weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Enter a date to start your purchases.

That's all there is to it!
You now are free to go live your life while you accumulate physical metals!

Do you want to take delivery of your gold and silver?
No problem. Just choose from our available items.*

  • th-gold-eagle

    American Gold Eagles

  • gold-bufflo

    American Gold Baffalos

  • th-gold-kilo

    1-Kilo Gold Bars

  • gold-maple

    Canadian Maple Leafs

  • gold-krugerrand

    South African Kruggerands

  • gold-philharmonic

    Austrian Philharmonics

  • gold-1oz-pamp

    Various 1 oz. Bars

  • th-silver-eagle

    Silver Eagles

  • th-silver-1oz-buffalo

    1 oz. Buffalo Silver Rounds

  • th-silver-10oz-rmc

    Various 10 oz. Bars

  • th-silver-maple

    Maple Leafs

  • th-silver-100oz-asahi

    100 oz. Bars

  • th-silver-1oz-ownx

    1 oz. OWNx Silver Round

  • th-silver-kilo-rmc

    1-Kilo Silver Bars

  • th-silver-bar-1000-oz

    1000 oz. Silver Bars

  • th-silver-philharmonic

    Austrian Silver Philharmonics

  • th-silver-kangaroo

    Australian Silver Kangaroos

  • th-silver-britannia

    British Silver Britannias

They will be delivered to your front door, discreetly packaged, and fully insured.

* Note: You must own a minimum of 20 ounces of silver or 1/2 ounce gold. Availability of deliverable items is subject to market conditions.