Lifetime Loyalty Pricing

Our lifetime loyalty pricing is just our way to say "thank you" as we work together to grow your holdings of physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium. However, accumulating precious metals isn't the only thing we are about. Our technology platform enables you to leverage intangible assets - such as saving time, putting you in control, and giving you choices.

"The freedom you give me with your automated platform is fantastic. And your lifetime loyalty pricing makes a lot of sense to me."Jason M.

As you own more, your premium goes down.


$0 - $1K          5.99%

$1K - $10K          4.69%

$10K - $25K          3.99%

$25K - $100K          3.49%

$100K - $1 MM          2.99%

$1 MM+          1.99%

Total lifetime purchases determine the premium
over our cost for large bar precious metals bullion.

NOTE: In normal markets, the price for large bar physical bullion is very close to the "spot" price quoted on large bullion exchanges. However, recent market disruptions have caused a significant increase for actual physical bullion over the quoted "spot" price, which is based on paper contracts. As market conditions return to normal, we expect this divergence to return to normal.