OWNx Team

At our offices in Lawrence, KS, we have the right combination of thinkers and doers. Collectively, we are applying technology and innovation to give everyone access to assets that have proven their value over thousands of years. And we don't plan to stop there. We are always looking for talented individuals who would like to be a part of something big. If that gets you excited, we'd love to talk.

Tell Us About You

Technology and Innovation

Our team applies technology to create connections between real value and people in ways that will improve their life.

Team Roles

  • Project Managers

  • Developers

  • UX/UI

  • Mobile

Marketing and Communications

We create the relationships that enable real people to connect to real value in order to reach real financial goals.

team roles

  • Content Creation and Management

  • Data Scientist

  • Digital Communications

  • Social Media Management



Helping clients realize the full benefits of instant access and time saving automation is what our team is all about.

Team Roles

  • Client Advocates

  • Team Managers

  • HelpDesk Team

Business Development

Our platform creates opportunities to foster business relationships locally and globally.

Team Roles

  • Employee Benefit Specialist

  • Global Strategist

  • Sales Support

We have great plans for the future. If you feel like you may be a fit for our team, contact us.
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