OWNx Rewards

When you are part of something unique….

From the day we launched our technology platform, OWNx clients wanted an easy way to share what they found with friends and family. Our response was, “Hey, let’s share with them too!”  That’s how OWNx Rewards was born.

It’s pretty straightforward.
  • When you create your account, you get a unique code that you can share with others when you tell them about OWNx.

  • When they create their account, they enter your code.

  • For that simple act you are rewarded with up to 25% of their premium over the OWNx Base Price or Live Price.

  • As something unique, instead of a cash payment we credit your account with more physical gold and silver!

This isn’t a multi-level marketing plan. You receive rewards for only those whom you directly share the OWNx story with. You must also be making scheduled purchases each month in order to claim your rewards.

We just felt that if you like us and are using our platform, you’ll share your experience with others. This is one way we can say “thanks!”

“It’s nice to know that you guys appreciate it when I tell others about your great company. It goes along with everything else I’ve come to expect from you.”
Join the movement!