Taking Delivery of Your Metal


When it's time to have it in your hands.

A majority of our clients eventually decide to take delivery of at least some of their gold and silver. Who can blame them? There isn't anything like holding real gold or silver coins or bullion bars. When it's time for you to experience holding real gold and silver, we're ready. When you want to exchange your holdings in the depository to take delivery of specific items, having them delivered to your front door is like everything else on our platform.

Click. Done.

When I request delivery, the process is simple and I receive my silver in a timely manner.

Joanna H.

Requesting Physical Delivery

  • Log in to your account

  • Select "Take Delivery" from your dashboard.

  • Select your items and the quantity.

  • The ounces you have delivered and the costs associated with your delivery will be deducted from your total holdings.

  • Your gold and silver will be discreetly shipped to you, fully insured via major carriers.


Exchange Costs Explained

When you make gold and silver purchases with OWNx, you initially own portions of low premium "big bars." This is for two reasons:

  1. You maximize the ounces you own. Your money goes to physical metal instead of premiums.
  2. It can easily be sold and converted to cash, providing instant liquidity.

When you decide to take delivery of gold and silver, chances are that you will want smaller items such as one ounce rounds or ten ounce bars. Therefore, we just exchange your ownership of large bars for items you choose. Our technology does that instantly, and it is important that you understand how it works.

  • The cost to mint smaller coins and bars is higher than the cost to make big bars. On coins such as US minted gold and silver Eagles, the government also charges a premium. When you take delivery, those additional costs are external to OWNx and thus we must pass them on to you along with shipping and insurance costs.
  • The total cost of the extra premiums and shipping/insurance becomes your "Exchange Cost."
  • Ounces of silver or grains of gold (depending on which metal you take delivery of) are deducted from your account at the current market price to cover this cost.

After you request to take delivery, your order will typically be shipped out within 7 business days. All items are fully insured to your door, require an adult signature, and are discreetly packaged so that the contents are unknown by anyone handling them during the delivery process.