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Precious Metals IRA


What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A Precious Metals IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a specialized type of IRA that allows investors to hold precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium within the account. This type of IRA is governed by the same rules and regulations as traditional IRAs, but it provides investors with an alternative investment option beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Investors interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios and including tangible assets like precious metals often consider Precious Metals IRAs as part of their overall investment strategy.

Since 2008, OWNx has been building and refining a platform that gives you smart and simple access to the most cost-effective way to hold physical precious metals in your IRA. All trades occur “at-cost,” meaning you will maximize the number of ounces in your account for the amount you invest.

gold and silver in storage

Getting Started with an OWNx IRA

  1. Create an account with OWNx.
  2. In your account dashboard click on the option for "Self Directed IRA".
  3. Click on the button labeled "Create New IRA"
  4. Fill in the IRA Application.
  5. Pay the annual service fee ($195 first year, $150 thereafter).
  6. Once approved, you can buy and sell precious metals through your new IRA.

Why an OWNx IRA?

0% Premiums

Low Fees and all trades for IRA and Non-IRA occur at cost. No games, no premiums. Just buy at the Ask, sell at the Bid.

Our quest to reinvent precious metals IRAs began when we identified the pain people experience when trying to create and invest in a Precious Metals IRA. Most companies require hours of phone calls, emails, and cumbersome identification processes simply to set up your account. Many limit purchases to high-premium gold and silver coins and small bars. Once you have your holdings, there is no way to manage or liquidate them. 

We went to work with one question in mind. How can we use the OWNx technology platform to solve these problems for our clients? The answer was to partner with a custodian who was also interested in providing their clients with a better experience.

Together we leverage state-of-the-art technology for you:

Benefits of Investing Through a Precious Metals IRA

Investing in a Precious Metals IRA (Individual Retirement Account) can offer several potential benefits, depending on your investment goals and overall financial strategy. This unique retirement investment vehicle allows individuals to include precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in their retirement portfolios, providing several compelling reasons for consideration.  Here are some key advantages:

Types of Precious Metal IRAs

The OWNx IRA allows you to invest in all types of precious metal including gold, silver, platinum and palladium, however it is important to understand that some companies have focused IRAs that allow only investment in gold or silver. 

Gold IRA

A Gold IRA, managed by top gold IRA companies, is a subset of the Precious Metals IRA, focusing exclusively on gold as its primary asset. Gold IRAs, often set up through a gold IRA custodian, have gained immense popularity due to the intrinsic value and historical significance of gold. Gold IRA investing involves selecting gold coins, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf coins and Gold American Eagles, which are among the popular choices for inclusion in a gold IRA account. These gold bars and coins, offered by reputable gold IRA companies, are not just mere investments; they represent a tangible form of wealth, offering a hedge against economic uncertainty.

Silver IRA

While Gold IRA companies and best gold IRA options are widely recognized, Silver IRAs also hold significant value. A Silver IRA, as the name suggests, is dedicated to investments in silver, including silver coins and bars. Silver, much like gold, serves as a buffer against volatile stock market trends and offers diversification benefits that paper assets can't match.

Precious Metals IRA vs Traditional IRA

While both Precious Metals IRAs and Traditional IRAs offer tax advantages and are designed to help individuals grow their retirement savings, they differ fundamentally in the assets they hold. A Traditional IRA primarily consists of paper assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It's a reflection of the stock market's ebb and flow, making it susceptible to market volatility.

On the other hand, a Precious Metals IRA is a type of self-directed IRA that allows investors to hold physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This tangible form of wealth offers a hedge against economic uncertainties, inflation, and currency devaluation. Moreover, the intrinsic value of precious metals often moves independently of stock market trends, providing a layer of diversification not found in a Traditional IRA.

In essence, while a Traditional IRA offers a more conventional approach to retirement savings, a Precious Metals IRA provides an alternative investment strategy, emphasizing tangible assets and long-term stability.


Precious Metals IRA

Traditional IRA

Type of Assets

Physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Protection Against

Economic uncertainties, inflation, currency devaluation

Market performance

Asset Tangibility

Tangible assets stored in IRS-approved depositories

Electronic/paper assets


Independent of stock market trends

Correlated with stock market trends

Initial Investment Cost

Potentially higher due to physical metal prices

Typically lower

Storage Fees

Yes, for storing precious metals in approved depositories


Tax Advantages

Yes, based on IRS guidelines for precious metals

Yes, based on IRS guidelines


Get Started

Typical IRA Fees

IRA setup and first year maintenance fee.
Billed for each IRA
Annual IRA Maintenance Fee, billed on the anniversary date of account establishment $150
Storage Fees 0.5% per year, assessed monthly as 0.0416%

Fees That Are Easy to Avoid

Paper Statement Fee
Avoid by setting up a myEQUITY portal account
$60 per year
Paper Bill Pay or Distribution
Avoid by submitting through myEQUITY portal
$15 each
Wire Transfer Fee
Select check processing to avoid
$30 each
Cashier's Check, Certified Mail
(Select regular check to avoid)
$30 each

Other Fees (Rare Occasions)

Overnight Mail $50 each
Express Transfer Processing (Reviewed same day) $75 each
Expedited Process Service $75 each
Special Document Processing $10 each
Miscellaneous Activity Request $75 / hour
Special Handling Fee $25 each
Foreign Currency Fee $100 annually
Stop Payment, Return Check Fee $30 each
In-Kind Distribution or Transfer Out $50 per transaction
Account termination fee $250