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OWNx makes it simple to add silver coins to your investment strategy.

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OWNx offers customers investments in high quality silver coins such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and British Silver Britannias.

Silver coins are not just currency; they have a rich history, serving as the oldest mass-produced coins globally. From trade in ancient civilizations to the present day, silver coins have held intrinsic value and cultural significance.

Silver Coins for Investment Purposes

Silver has been a trusted store of value for centuries. More than historical artifacts, silver coins are a strategic investment. They serve as a hedge against inflation and a means to protect personal wealth. OWNx provides you with a gateway to seamlessly integrate these timeless assets into your investment portfolio.

Beyond their financial value, silver coins often have unique designs and historical significance, making them highly collectible. Explore our curated collection featuring fine silver coins from renowned mints around the world.

OWNx Silver Coin Offerings

American Silver Eagle Coins

Since 1986, the U.S. Mint has produced the American Silver Eagle Coins, representing the only silver bullion coin guaranteed by the U.S. government in terms of purity and weight.
The obverse features the timeless "Walking Liberty" design by Adolph Weinman, previously seen on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar from 1916 to 1947. The reverse showcases a powerful image of the American eagle, symbolizing the nation's heritage of liberty and strength.

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

Launched in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has become a sought-after bullion investment. Notably, the coin has a higher face value of $5 compared to other silver bullion coins.
The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse boasts a textured maple leaf design with radial lines, giving the coin a distinctive appearance. Security features, such as precision-machined radial lines and a laser-engraved numeral denoting the year, enhance its authenticity.

1 oz OWNx Silver Rounds

The OWNx Silver Rounds draw inspiration from the Flint Hills region and Lawrence Liberty Hall. The design reflects the historical significance of Liberty Hall, a key location in the anti-slavery movement during Bleeding Kansas.

OWNx Silver Rounds, balancing value and artistry, offer a unique investment option. With lower premiums compared to other forms of silver, they appeal to investors seeking a balance between aesthetics and value.

British Silver Britannias

Introduced in 1997 by the Royal Mint, the Silver Britannia coin series has evolved over the years, reflecting changes in British culture. Britannia, symbolizing beauty, reliability, and strength, graces the reverse.

The obverse portrays Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse showcases Britannia with a trident, olive branch, and a round shield bearing the union jack. The consistent design and quality make it a staple in both collector and investor portfolios.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Philharmonic silver bullion coin, a recent addition from Europe, shares design elements with its gold counterpart, previously the best-selling gold coin globally.

The obverse depicts the pipe organ in Vienna's Golden Hall, and the reverse features a harmonious assembly of musical instruments, a testament to Austria's rich musical heritage. Designed by Chief Engraver Thomas Pesendorfer, the coin offers consistency and familiarity.

Australian Silver Kangaroos

Initiated in 1993 and minted in Canberra, Australian Silver Kangaroos feature changing designs annually, potentially adding numismatic value. Known for their high purity (99.99%) and limited mintage, these coins are globally recognized.

Each edition tells a unique story, reflecting Australia's wildlife and culture. The kangaroo symbolizes Australia's heritage, and recent coins feature additional
security features like micro laser-engraved letters.

OWNx - Your Gateway to Silver Coin Investments

With OWNx, you have 24X7 access to buying and selling physical metals. Whether you're at home or enjoying time in the park with your kids, take control of your investments with a simple click. Instant liquidity and ownership are just a click away.

IRA Investing with Ease
Prepare for the future by incorporating precious metals into your IRA. OWNx streamlines the process—open your OWNx Precious Metals IRA online, and once funds are transferred, buy and sell gold and silver instantly with zero paperwork. More ounces, more control, less time, and lower fees.


Please note: The OWNx platform enables you to own gold and silver in the form of fractional ownership of IRA-approved large bars. The benefits of this are the ability to:

  • Buy and sell gold and silver instantly within your IRA
  • Obtain metal at the lowest possible price
  • And therefore maximize the number of ounces you hold

Taking Physical Delivery with OWNx

Requesting Delivery

When the time comes to hold physical gold and silver in your hands, OWNx is ready. Request delivery through your account, and your order will be discreetly shipped* to you within 7 business days, fully insured via major carriers.

Exchange Costs Explained

Understand the process of exchanging money and ownership of large bars for smaller items. While there are additional costs for minting smaller coins and bars, OWNx technology ensures a seamless transition. These costs, along with shipping and insurance, are transparently passed on to you.

Requesting Physical Delivery

Log in, select "Take Delivery" from your dashboard, choose your items and quantity, and have your gold and silver discreetly delivered to your front door.

Delivery Timelines

Your order will typically be shipped within 7 business days. All items are fully insured, require an adult signature, and are discreetly packaged to maintain confidentiality during the delivery process.

How Much Do Silver Coins Cost?

Investing in silver coins offers a range of options to suit different budgets. The cost of buying silver coins often depends on factors such as the type of coin, its weight, and current market conditions. At OWNx, we provide transparent pricing, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.
Explore our collection to find silver coins that align with your investment goals and budget. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, silver coins provide a versatile and accessible entry point into the world of precious metals.

What is the Cheapest Way to Acquire Silver?

At OWNx, we offer a cost-effective and accessible way to acquire silver through fractional shares in large silver bars. Our platform is designed to provide you with the cheapest way to invest in silver, and here's why:
Fractional Ownership: OWNx allows you to buy fractional shares of large silver bars, meaning you can invest in silver with a lower initial investment. This provides you with the flexibility to tailor your investment to your budget and financial goals.
Low Premiums: Our platform offers competitive pricing with low premiums on silver. By directly investing in fractional shares of large bars, you can minimize the additional costs associated with minting smaller coins, providing you with a more cost-effective way to acquire silver.

Choose OWNx for Silver Coins

Simplify your silver investments with OWNx. Whether you're interested in historical treasures, automatic dollar-cost averaging, or taking physical delivery, OWNx offers a seamless and comprehensive platform for your silver coin journey.

How to Start Investing in Silver

Getting started with buying silver as a beginner can be a straightforward and rewarding process. Here's a step-by-step guide tailored for those new to silver investing:
Educate Yourself: Understand the basics of silver investing. Learn about different forms of silver, such as coins, rounds, and bars.
Set Your Budget: Determine how much you're comfortable investing in silver. Setting a budget helps you make informed decisions and manage your financial goals.
Choose a Reputable Platform: Select a reputable platform like OWNx for your silver purchases. Look for platforms that offer transparency, automatic investing options, and a diverse selection of silver products.
Select Your Silver Type: Decide whether you want to invest in silver coins, rounds, or bars. Each has its own advantages, and your choice may depend on factors like budget, preferences, and investment goals.


What is the best way to buy silver coins?

At OWNx, we believe the best way to buy silver coins is through our platform for several reasons:

  • OWNx offers a curated collection of silver coins from renowned mints globally, providing you with a diverse selection that you can get delivered to your home.
  • The ability to convert your ownership of silver or gold within your account to the silver coin of your choice whenever you choose.
  • Secure storage of fractional silver or gold bars that allow you to own more metal in the meantime, so you can buy and trade in your silver coins with OWNx, eliminating the need for personal safekeeping and ensuring the safety of your precious metals holdings.

How much is $100 in silver coins worth?

The value of $100 in silver coins depends on the current market price of silver, the type of coins you choose, and any associated premiums.

Is it a good idea to buy silver coins?

Yes, buying silver coins can be a good idea for various reasons:

  • Silver coins provide a tangible and historically proven method of diversifying your investment portfolio.
  • Silver is often considered a hedge against inflation, offering protection for your wealth in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Many silver coins have unique designs and historical significance, making them attractive to collectors.
  • With silver coins, you have physical ownership, providing a sense of control over your investment.

Should I buy silver eagles or silver rounds?

The choice between silver eagles and silver rounds depends on your investment goals:
Silver Eagles are recognized globally and are government-backed coins with a higher premium. Ideal for those seeking a widely accepted and official investment-grade coin.
OWNx silver rounds offer a unique investment option with lower premiums and distinctive designs inspired by historical significance. Suitable for those looking for a balance between value and artistry.

Is it better to buy silver bars or silver coins?

The decision between silver bars and silver coins depends on your preferences:
Silver Bars are ideal for bulk investors, offering a cost-effective way to acquire larger quantities of silver.
Silver Coins are considered more "official" as they are often minted by governments, recognized as legal tender and may have added collector's value.
OWNx provides both options, allowing you to choose based on your investment strategy and objectives.

Can silver coin prices go to $1000 an ounce?

While predicting future prices is uncertain, the possibility of silver reaching $1000 an ounce will be influenced by various economic factors, market conditions, and geopolitical events.

What size of silver is easiest to sell?

The ease of selling silver often depends on market demand and liquidity. Smaller denominations, such as 1 oz silver coins or rounds, are generally more liquid and easier to sell. These sizes are popular among individual investors and collectors, facilitating transactions in various markets. However, the ease of selling can also be influenced by local preferences and market dynamics.

Why are silver bars cheaper than silver coins?

Manufacturing Costs: Producing silver bars is often more cost-effective than minting coins. Bars are typically simple in design and require less intricate detailing, contributing to lower manufacturing costs.

Government Mints and Premiums: Government-minted silver coins, such as American Silver Eagles, often carry higher premiums due to the recognition and trust associated with official government backing. These premiums are factored into the overall cost.

Collector's Value: Silver coins often have added collector's value due to unique designs, historical significance, and limited mintages. This collector appeal can contribute to higher premiums compared to silver bars.

Bulk Production: Silver bars are often produced in larger quantities, leading to economies of scale and lower production costs per unit. This cost efficiency is reflected in their pricing.

* Note: You must own a minimum of 20 ounces of silver or 1/2 ounce gold. Availability of deliverable items is subject to market conditions.