OWN|1-oz OWNx Rounds|

OWNx silver round delivery obverse
OWNx silver round delivery reverse
The OWNx silver round was conceived to capture the strength and blessing of America. The front of the coin depicts the Flint Hills region, which stretches from eastern Kansas to north-central Oklahoma. The Flint Hills Ecoregion is distinct because it has the most dense coverage of intact tall grass prairie in North America.

Due to its rocky soil, the early settlers were unable to plow the area, resulting in the predominance of cattle ranches, which are in turn largely benefited by the tallgrass prairie. In the foreground, the ‘X’ is a variable that represents all that OWNx enables you to own.

The obverse of the coin depicts Lawrence Liberty Hall in downtown Lawrence, KS – This historic building has stood at the corner of 7th and Massachusetts for just over a century.

The ethos of Liberty Hall dates back to the Pre-Civil War era of Bleeding Kansas and is heavily tied to the shaping of Lawrence as an essential hub for the anti-slavery movement. The building’s original name “Liberty Hall” comes from an Abraham Lincoln quote where he called Lawrence, KS, “the cradle of Liberty.”

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