OWN|Buffalo Silver Rounds|

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OWNx makes it simple to add precious metals like Buffalo Silver Rounds to your investment strategy.

1 oz Buffalo Silver Rounds

Many well-known private mints have struck this beautiful commemorative silver bullion coin throughout the past several decades. Buffalo Silver Rounds depict two icons of America’s past. James Earle Fraser's design of the original 1913 Indian Head Nickel, considered by many to be among the best of any U.S. coin designs, inspired both of the images featured on this round.

The image on the obverse of the silver coin pays tribute to native American tribes. The featured image is a composition of three different tribal chiefs: Iron Tail (Lakota), Two Moons (Cheyenne), and John Big Tree (Seneca). The reverse pays tribute to the American buffalo, a once endangered species that has seen a resurgence in numbers in recent years. The image is rumored to be a sketch of a buffalo named Black Diamond that was in the Central Park Zoo at the time of James Earle Fraser's creation of the Indian Head Nickel.

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