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Physical gold and silver as an enhanced financial wellness benefit

Through an OWNx account established through a participating employer, employees can increase their financial wellness through the stability and security that comes from diversification. Employees simply designate an amount from each paycheck to be placed in their OWNx account in the form of gold, silver, or both. It is voluntary and after-tax.



Diversify your savings by electing to make regular purchases of gold or silver through a simple after-tax deduction.

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Provide your employees with access to a unique, yet respected asset class to enhance their financial wellness.

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Join a growing list of providers who see this unique offering as a way to enhance their customer’s portfolio offerings.

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We are working to level the playing field for every working American.

Now, through an OWNx Gold and Silver Account, the door is open for millions of employees to have safe and easy access to incorporate physical gold and silver into their savings, investment, and insurance strategies. They can enjoy the same utility value as hedge funds, annuities, and large investors.

Learn how you can enable your employees to gain access. Contact an Employee Benefit team member via email at benefits@ownx.com.