Changes Coming to Your 401k: Will it Affect Access to Gold and Silver?

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Here at OWNx, we understand that owning gold and silver are only a part (but an important one!) of your overall financial wellness and retirement plans. As such, it is important to know about changes coming to your 401(k) plans in 2017.

According to a recent MarketWatch article, beginning in April, financial advisers will be under new regulations that are designed to protect 401(k) plan holders from inflated fees.  While this is a noble goal, the “fiduciary rule” also means that plan advisers will become more limited in which investment products they can recommend.

Restrictions on your ability to choose preferred investment vehicles mean that you will need to look outside of traditional savings methods. Within your 401(k) you may be able to open a self-directed brokerage account. Or, if you have recently left a company you may want to consider rolling your funds into a self-directed IRA.

It is difficult to tell where the regulatory environment for financial services, including financial accounts, will go in the next few years.  However, it looks as though it will be increasingly difficult to obtain access to gold, even through proxies such as the gold Exchange Traded Fund GLD stock.

A better way…

Certainly it is our firm belief that if you wish to own gold and silver, the best way is to own the real thing. Gold bullion, silver bullion, gold and silver coins and bars are your surest and safest means to realize the full utility value of these precious metals.

OWNx |Automatic| is a great way to save physical gold and silver on a regular basis, just like your 401(k). If owning gold and silver with pre-tax dollars is a must, the OWNx |IRA| is without question, the most flexible way to own gold in a self-directed IRA at near gold spot price.

Check with your employer about these new 401(k) regulations. Changes and restrictions within your company plan many go into effect before April. Just know that because new regulations limit your choice of investment vehicles, physical gold and silver are still an option. In fact, with OWNx they are as easy (or easier) to set up and administer as your 401(k).

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    OWN X & what silver & gold I hold on My own is My total Life savings , except for the place I live and the vehicles I own. I think OWN X has been the Best way to continue to gain wealth and in the same time if the need arises, I then can take and sell My metal back to OWN X and pay what ever I need to.

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