You know it’s a good idea to own physical gold and silver…

The idea of making regular purchases is appealing to you.  However, you’ve discovered it’s more of a hassle than you thought. How do you accumulate gold and silver from a trusted source without putting another “to do” on your calendar?

The answer is to make it automatic.

  • Set a goal.
  • Schedule regular purchases to reach that goal.
Done. Go enjoy your life.
How it works

“I have been searching for a way to accumulate gold and silver because I know it’s a good idea. Now, I can do it automatically and spend my time on the things that are important to me.”
Begin your Automatic Accumulation

Open Your Account

In less than 10 minutes, create your profile and link your bank account. Once it’s verified you are ready to go.

Schedule Purchases

Set up a schedule to meet your goals. We make purchases for you automatically on the days you choose.

Own Gold and Silver

Dollar-cost-average into physical gold or silver that is securely stored and titled in your name.

Cash or Delivery

Redeem your physical gold and silver for cash at any time or have bars or coins delivered to your front door.

Invest a few minutes.
Secure your future with gold and silver.
Go enjoy your life.

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