Financial insurance for your retirement...and the next generation.

The investing world has changed. We've changed with it.

Setting up a precious metals IRA used to be an unpleasant process.
We make it easy, and you can manage your metal like you do your stocks.

Open Your Accounts

Open your accounts online. OWNx, your custodian, and your depository will all be linked automatically.

Fund Your IRA

Rollover, transfer, or contribute funds to your OWNx IRA.

Manage Your Holdings

Buy and sell gold and silver within your IRA 24x7. You are free to trade the market or rebalance your holdings.


It has always made sense to hold a portion of your long term retirement in precious metals. Now it's practical too.

Easily set up your accounts online…

Our system will then take care of establishing and linking together all three of the relationships required for a precious metals IRA.

Your Dealer

That's us. You get an online dashboard to buy, sell, and manage your holdings.

Your Custodian

One of our custodian partners will legally administer your self-directed IRA.

Your Depository

Our non-bank depository is IRA-approved and will safely store your metal.

The process can be completed by following the instructions on our IRA Details page, or with the assistance of an OWNx Representative. There is no cost or obligation to begin. You are simply given access to our technology platform. Check it out and experience how OWNx does all the heavy lifting for you.
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Own more gold and silver for your money...

OWNx makes it easy to own a specific allocated weight of gold and silver bars that is titled in the name of your IRA.

This means:

  • More of your money goes to ounces of gold and silver instead of premiums.
  • You maximize the benefits of holding gold and silver in your precious metals IRA.


That's it! Start today and have peace of mind knowing that:

You will maximize the amount of gold and silver you own.
You can buy and sell at any time from your Dashboard.
If you have any questions, contact our IRA specialists and we will be glad to help!
Call us at 800-701-3546 or email: ira@ownx.com