Not Satisfied with Your Retirement Plan? You’re Not Alone

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Since the days of the late 1990s Dotcom  Bubble and subsequent bursting of that bubble, the investment landscape has been increasingly difficult to navigate. Geopolitical uncertainty, combined with wild market swings, have left a growing number of people dissatisfied with their progress in saving for retirement.

The numbers are telling. In a recent article from, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), in 2016, the number of people who were “very satisfied” with their retirement plans dropped by nearly 12% since 1998, from 60.5% to 48.6%.

Many Americans are feeling a need to re-think their retirement plans by either delaying the date they plan to retire, or by re-adjusting their expectations on the lifestyle they will be able to maintain during retirement. The key today then is twofold – proper planning based on the reality of today’s markets, and setting proper expectations.

Increase Your Satisfaction

Having enough income to spend in retirement is important. Today, that requires digging a little deeper in order to learn what works and what doesn’t.

  • Where are tomorrow’s opportunities?
  • Are there practical alternative investments that you should consider?
  • How do you manage risk?

These are all critical questions to ask when building and maintaining a solid retirement portfolio. The answers may mean you will need to re-evaluate your retirement strategy. Is your investment advisor forward-thinking, or do they tend to lean on traditional models? Do you have an avenue to access and manage alternative investments in order to take advantage of new trends and opportunities?

One aspect of retirement satisfaction today is knowing that you have access to a wide variety of assets – and that you can manage them once you invest. It is no coincidence then, that the rise in popularity of self-directed IRAs is happening at the same time that overall satisfaction in retirement is falling. Self-directed IRAs provide an array of assets to choose from when structuring your retirement portfolio, and thus, more flexibility to match a rapidly-changing investment environment.  

At OWNx, we have integrated our technology platform with some of the most respected self-directed IRA custodians in the nation. Our IRA platform enables you to easily buy and sell gold and silver bullion from within your IRA. This empowers you to hold and manage one of the most sought after alternative investments available – all from a simple online Dashboard.

Learn more about opening a self-directed IRA, and how you can own physical gold and silver within it, or, call our IRA customer service at 785-282-7629. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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