IRA Approved Gold – What You Should Know

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Key Insights
Gold IRAs offer protection against economic downturns and market volatility.
OWNx facilitates fractional ownership of large, IRA-approved gold and silver bars, enabling instant IRA transactions and competitive pricing.
A range of IRA-eligible gold coins and bars provide diversification, quality, and investment flexibility.
Gold IRAs offer tax advantages, portfolio diversification, and a safeguard against diminishing purchasing power.
Withdrawing before age 59½ can lead to penalties, making it important to choose a reputable company like OWNx for Gold IRA guidance.
Compliance with IRA-specific rules and the requirement of IRS-approved depositories are essential for the security of gold investments.
As the gold IRA market evolves, OWNx remains at the forefront, offering diverse gold investment options suitable for various IRA types.

OWNx makes it simple to invest in precious metals.

Understanding IRA Approved Gold

When it comes to securing your retirement against the unpredictability of the stock market, turning to gold IRAs emerges as a prudent strategy. Gold, often seen as an excellent hedge against inflation and market volatility, is a preferred choice for diversifying retirement funds.  However, if you’re considering adding gold to your retirement strategy, it’s important to understand the concept of IRA approved gold.  This includes gold coins like the American Eagle and the American Buffalo, and bulk gold in bars produced by certified manufacturers. Notably, collectible coins usually don’t meet the criteria for IRA investment.

OWNx: A Gateway to Fractional Gold Ownership

The OWNx platform revolutionizes the way you can interact with gold and silver, offering fractional ownership of large, IRA-approved bars. This approach enables investors to buy and sell within their IRA instantaneously, secure metal at competitive prices, and maximize their ounce holdings. Embracing bulk gold in your IRA strategy aligns seamlessly with the tax-deferred nature of retirement accounts, allowing you to accumulate more metal, ensuring steady growth and shielding against the volatile numismatic values of certain coins.

Please note: The OWNx platform enables you to own gold and silver in the form of fractional ownership of IRA-approved large gold and silver bars.
The benefits of this are the ability to:

  1. Buy and sell gold and silver instantly within your IRA.
  2. Obtain metal at the lowest possible price.
  3. Maximize the number of ounces you hold.

Diverse IRA Eligible Gold Coins

Diversification is key in gold IRAs, and this is where IRA eligible gold coins come into play. These coins, ranging from American Gold Eagle bullion to Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins, adhere to stringent quality standards. They must originate from NYMEX or COMEX-approved refineries or national government mints, meeting essential fineness criteria. These coins, including the British Gold Britannia and Chinese Gold Panda, are popular for their reliability and quality, making them a staple in gold IRA portfolios.

Most Common IRA Eligible Gold Coins

Here are some of the most common IRA eligible gold coins that are popular among investors for their reliability and adherence to quality standards:

  • American Gold Eagle bullion coins
  • American Gold Eagle proof coins
  • British Gold Britannia coins (from 2013)
  • British The Queen’s Beasts coins
  • British gold Shēngxiào Lunar Series coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins
  • Chinese Gold Panda coins
  • American Gold Buffalo uncirculated coins (proofs not allowed)​​.

Best IRA Approved Gold Bars

For those inclined towards gold bars, a range of IRA-approved options awaits. Each type of bar, from the 1 oz PAMP Suisse to the 400 oz London Good Delivery, offers unique benefits tailored to different investment goals. These bars, known for their purity and credibility, include the 10 oz Credit Suisse and Kilogram Perth Mint bars, making them a secure choice for your gold IRA. With OWNx, these bars become accessible, allowing for a diversified and robust gold IRA.

IRA Approved Gold Bars

  • 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bars: Highly regarded for their purity, perfect for personal portfolios.
  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars: A balance of value and manageability, known for quality.
  • Kilogram Perth Mint Gold Bars: Ideal for substantial investments with lower premiums.
  • 100 gram Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars: Flexible and valuable, a mid-range investment choice.
  • 50 gram Valcambi Gold Bars: Suitable for incremental strategies, smaller and practical.
  • 1 oz American Gold Eagle Bar: A U.S. favorite, combining trust and prestige in a compact form.
  • 10 oz American Gold Buffalo Bar: Offering U.S. mint craftsmanship, a blend of heritage and value.
  • 400 oz London Good Delivery Gold Bars: The gold standard for significant, long-term investment.

Benefits of Investing in Gold IRAs

  • Tax Advantages: With a traditional gold IRA, your contributions might be tax-deductible. Plus, your investment grows tax-free until withdrawal.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Gold often moves in a different direction to stocks and bonds, offering a balancing effect to your overall investment strategy.
  • Inflation Protection: Historically, gold has been a reliable asset during high inflation, preserving its purchasing power.

OWNx makes it simple to invest in precious metals.

Understanding Early Withdrawal Implications

It’s crucial to remember that withdrawing your gold from an IRA before age 59½ could lead to penalties. Consulting with a financial advisor is advisable before making such decisions.

Choosing the Best Gold IRA Company

When selecting a company for your Gold IRA, it’s important to consider their expertise, fee structure, and customer service. OWNx stands out as a top choice due to its straightforward and transparent approach to Gold IRA investments. With OWNx, you gain access to a broad range of IRA-approved gold options and benefit from their expert guidance, making the process of setting up and managing your Gold IRA both simple and efficient.

Understanding IRA Rules and Regulations

Different IRAs, Different Rules

Each IRA type offers different advantages and limits. For example, traditional and Roth IRAs have contribution limits and withdrawal restrictions. Self-directed IRAs offer more flexibility but might have higher fees.

The Importance of an IRS-Approved Depository

All IRA eligible gold must be stored in an IRS-approved depository. This ensures safety and compliance with IRS regulations. OWNx enhances this security aspect by offering storage for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at world-class non-bank depository facilities located in Delaware and Texas (USA). These facilities are internationally recognized for their robust security measures, ensuring the safety of your investments. 

The Future of IRA Approved Gold Investments

Keeping Up with Emerging Trends

The gold IRA market is evolving with new options like futures, ETFs, and mutual funds. Traditional investments in bars and rounds remain popular.

A Bright Future Ahead

With a range of options available, the future of IRA approved gold investments looks promising. Whether you prefer physical gold or other investment vehicles, there’s likely an option for you. OWNx offers a variety of gold investment options suitable for IRAs, catering to diverse investment preferences. This flexibility, combined with adherence to IRA regulations, makes OWNx a practical choice for those looking to include gold in their retirement portfolios.

By following the guidelines, you can start building a secure future today. Investing in IRA approved gold offers peace of mind and a hedge against market volatility.


How Do Gold Bullion Coins Fit into a Gold IRA Account?

Gold bullion coins, like the American Eagle and American Buffalo, are key IRA eligible gold products, offering a way to diversify Individual Retirement Account portfolios.

What Role Do Gold Mining Companies Play in Gold IRA Investments?

Gold mining companies provide alternatives to physical gold in Gold IRAs, influencing the availability and price of IRA eligible gold products.

What to Know About Purchasing IRA Eligible Gold?

When buying IRA eligible gold, ensure the products, like certain gold bullion coins and bars, meet IRS purity standards and are from certified manufacturers.

Can Gold Bullion Be Part of Precious Metals IRAs?

Yes, gold bullion, including specific high-purity bars and coins, is allowed in Precious Metals IRAs, serving as a hedge against market instability within Individual Retirement Accounts.

What Benefits Does a Gold IRA Account Offer?

A Gold IRA account, within an Individual Retirement Account framework, provides portfolio diversification, potential tax benefits, and inflation protection.

How Do Precious Metals IRAs Differ from Regular IRAs?

Precious Metals IRAs include physical assets like gold, silver, and platinum, offering additional security against economic uncertainties, unlike regular retirement accounts.

What Should You Consider When Setting Up a Precious Metals IRA?

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA involves choosing a reliable custodian and understanding the rules for IRA-eligible gold and other precious metals, ensuring that your investments comply with IRS regulations and align with your financial goals.

OWNx makes it simple to invest in precious metals.

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