Three Reasons to Consider Automatic Purchases of Gold and Silver Bullion

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Owning gold and silver creates different images in peoples minds. Some of our clients are active swing traders who thrive on the swings in the spot price of gold and silver. To them, “volatility” is literally gold. They live in the world of Now, and to them we say – more power to you. For the vast majority of our clients however, their reasons to own gold and silver transcend short term trading profits. They are interested in the long-term (3-5 year+) benefits that gold and silver provide.

As it is, today we live in a world where long established trends are changing. And while gold and silver bullion shine such an environment, the path is rarely a straight line up. This is more so when today paper proxies for gold and silver (such as GLD stock) and an instantaneous access to information on global financial and geopolitical events can amplify short and even intermediate term price swings.

This is where gold and silver owners need to check the strength of their convictions. Why do you own physical gold and silver? Owning their reason is just as important as owning their metal. It is how they keep their eye on their “why” and continue to accumulate metal when volatility enters the picture. These people appreciate the ability to accumulate gold and silver billion on a regular basis.

This isn’t anything new. For decades, investors have understood that a time tested path to preserving and building wealth comes from a steady, patient, and long-term approach. If profit and wealth preservation is the goal, then for most asset classes, dollar-cost averaging is a key.

This strategy allows investors to automate their investing on a weekly or monthly schedule. That way, they can accumulate assets over time. When they look back over the years they will have done better than most people who tried to “time” the market, but didn’t have the tools or experience to do it properly. Dollar-cost averaging makes investing easy, simple, and stress-free.

Reasons to Choose Automatic Dollar Cost Averaging into Gold and Silver Bullion

  1. It lowers stress. If watching the daily price of gold and silver causes fear or stress, then either you are not convinced of your convictions, or you are not investing properly. One or both of those circumstances needs to be addressed, or the gold and silver market may not be for you. The automated nature of dollar cost averaging helps keep investors on a thoughtful track and prevent them from overreacting to every rise and fall of the market.
  2. You don’t have to be an expert. Every market has it’s oddities. Dollar-cost averaging helps investors avoid getting caught up in the emotion of making knee-jerk reactions if they happen to buy at a short term high. 
  3. Price dips are a gift. This is an easy one to say, but sometimes more difficult to live. We all want to see every dollar we invest to do only one thing – grow.  If it shrinks at all, it makes us uncomfortable.  However, if emotion is removed and replaced with conviction, every dip in the price is seen as putting dollars to work owning more ounces, and over the long term that is a very good thing.

Invest Automatically and Regularly

We want our clients to make financially healthy decisions and to find stable, secure strategies for preserving their wealth. Our platform is focused on helping regular investors build and protect wealth. One way is to pursue sound strategies such as dollar-cost averaging into an asset class that is real, secure, and timeless. 

Build your wealth. Live your life.

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