Purchase Premium Gold Bars & Bullion Online

Gold has long been recognized as a diverse and precious metal, appealing to both investors and collectors. At OWNx, we understand the significance of gold in building and safeguarding wealth. As your trusted partner, we take pride in presenting a comprehensive range of gold bars designed to meet the unique needs of investors and collectors alike.

Buy Gold Bars and Gold Bullion Bars at OWNx

When looking to purchase gold bars, OWNx provides a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you're interested in smaller gold bars or larger bars, our platform offers a seamless buying process.

1 Kilo Gold Bars

Designed to maximize your ownership in terms of ounces, these 1 kilo gold bars represent a significant piece of fine gold. With a weight equivalent to 32.15 troy ounces, they offer both substantial value and tangible security.

Crafted from .999+ pure gold, these bars are not only approved for IRA investments but are also low premium, making them an affordable choice for a diverse range of investors. Renowned brands contribute to the gold bullion market with these impressive bars, ensuring authenticity and quality that are trusted by investors worldwide.

1 oz Gold Bars

OWNx carries the popular 1 oz Gold Bars, a cornerstone in the precious metals industry. These bars, affordable and easily stored, provide a convenient entry point for both novice and seasoned investors.

Sealed in tamper-evident packaging, authenticity and quality are paramount. With lower premiums compared to government-minted coins, these bars are available from premier minting companies.

Whether chosen for their cost-effectiveness or for their place in a diversified investment portfolio, 1 oz Gold Bars offer flexibility, convenience, and a pathway to gold ownership.

5 oz Gold Bars

5 oz Gold bars strike a balance between smaller and larger gold bar options. Available in both minted ingots and cast bars, these bars exemplify historical performance, tangible security, and liquidity. With .9999 fine gold purity, they come with the assurance of renowned brands, adding aesthetic value to their appeal. Assay cards and serial numbers ensure authenticity, providing detailed insights backed by a certified assayer's signature. 5 oz gold bars are ideal for investors seeking a medium-sized option with historical significance.

100 Gram Gold Bars

Containing 100 grams of pure 24 karat gold, these bars offer a unique balance of portability, divisibility, and value concentration. With approximately 3.2 troy ounces of gold bullion, these bars represent an accessible investment with a value exceeding $6,000 at current prices. Providing better liquidity with lower premiums over spot price, the 100 Gram Gold Bars allow investors to capitalize on gold's historical store of value and hedging ability.

10 oz Gold Bars

10 oz Gold Bars are regarded as valuable commodities in investment portfolios. Symbolizing wealth, art, and trust, these bars offer historical significance and embody a combination of tradition and modernity.

Crafted by reputable mints, they are tangible assets that can be owned and held, transcending borders and cultures. The precise and intricate craftsmanship involved in producing these bars ensures their authenticity and adds to their allure.

Buying Gold Bars at OWNx - A Seamless Path to Gold Ownership

In a world marked by uncertainty and market volatility, the value of physical gold has never been more apparent. OWNx recognizes the need for a hassle-free approach to acquiring and managing precious metals.

OWNx Automatic

Navigating the complex landscape of asset accumulation during uncertain times requires a proven strategy. OWNx brings you the smart and simple solution of automatic savings in silver and gold through OWN| Automatic. Say goodbye to adding another task to your calendar – OWN| Automatic streamlines the process through dollar-cost averaging.

Here's how it works:

  • Decide on Your Metal and Amount: Whether it's gold or silver, determine the dollar amount you want to accumulate.
  • Set Your Timeframe: Choose the timeframe over which you want to accumulate your precious metals.
  • Schedule Regular Purchases: Utilize the intuitive OWNx dashboard to schedule regular purchases, effortlessly working towards your accumulation goal.

With OWN Automatic, the process is now in motion. You're free to live your life while we handle the rest, seamlessly and automatically accumulating precious metals for you.

OWN Now: 24X7 Access, Instant Liquidity

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, OWNx presents OWN Now – your gateway to 24X7 access for buying and selling physical gold. In a world where having the real thing matters, OWN Now ensures you have the flexibility to decide when the time is right to make a move.

Here's how it works:

  • Take control of your investment decisions by deciding when to buy or sell.
  • With a simple click, execute your decisions instantly, enjoying unparalleled access and liquidity.

OWN Now provides you with the convenience and control you need in a world where market dynamics are constantly shifting. Navigate the uncertainties with confidence, holding the real thing in your hands when you decide it's time to act.

Explore the ease of buying gold with OWNx – a platform designed to align with your preferences and offer a seamless journey into the world of precious metals ownership.

Types of Gold Products

Gold investments include coins, rounds, and bars. Among these options, gold bars stand out as a top choice for investors due to their inherent value and ease of storage. At OWNx, we focus on providing our clients with high-quality gold bars that serve as a reliable and tangible asset in their investment portfolios. OWNx allows you to invest in gold in the most cost-effective way, by buying by weight through fractional ownership. If you choose to take secure delivery you can choose bars, coins, or rounds directly in your account.

Gold Bar Varieties

When it comes to gold bars, there are two primary varieties: cast gold bars and minted ingots. Cast gold bars bear the hallmark of a refinery logo, accompanied by essential markings such as weight, purity, and metal content. Crafted by melting gold in large vats and pouring it into molds, cast gold bars offer an affordable investment option with lower premiums compared to minted ingots.

Weights and Designs

OWNx caters to diverse preferences by offering gold bars in a range of weights, including popular choices like 1 kilo, 10 oz, 100 gram, and 1 oz gold bars. Our selection also encompasses a variety of captivating designs, ensuring that your gold investment is not only valuable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Purity and Packaging

Investment-grade gold is a hallmark of our offerings, with a purity exceeding 99.5%. For minted ingots, OWNx ensures that each product is packaged in tamper-evident protective materials and is accompanied by an assay card, providing you with confidence in the authenticity and quality of your investment.

Investment Purpose

Gold bars from OWNx serve a dual purpose: a long-term store of value and a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. The affordability and lower premiums associated with our cast gold bars make them an attractive choice for those looking to fortify their financial positions.

Retirement Planning

Consider incorporating gold bars from OWNx as a strategic component of your retirement savings plan. Gold's historical resilience against economic volatility makes it a valuable asset for securing your financial future. You can even invest in gold directly through your IRA. Learn more about the OWNx Precious Metals IRA.


Is it better to buy gold coins or bars?

The choice between gold coins and bars depends on your investment goals and preferences. OWNx offers a range of gold bars, such as the 1 Kilo, 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz options, with the added advantage of fractional buying. This means you can invest in smaller portions of these bars, allowing for greater flexibility in your investment strategy. Gold bars often have lower premiums, making them more cost-effective. However, gold coins may have numismatic value and intricate designs that appeal to collectors. If you prioritize cost-effectiveness, tangible weight, and the ability to buy in fractions, gold bars from OWNx might be the preferred choice.

What is the cheapest way to buy physical gold?

For cost-effective gold investment, consider options with lower premiums, like OWNx's gold bars. The 1 Kilo, 1 oz, 5 oz, and 100 Gram Gold Bars are examples of affordable choices, and fractional buying allows you to invest in smaller increments. These bars provide a straightforward way to acquire physical gold at relatively lower costs compared to certain coins. Additionally, buying during market downturns or opting for larger bar sizes may enhance cost efficiency.

Is it smart to buy gold bars?

Yes, buying gold bars from OWNx, especially with the option for fractional buying, can be a smart investment strategy. OWNx offers a range of gold bars with different weights, catering to various investment preferences. Gold bars, known for their purity and tangible value, are particularly attractive for investors looking to maximize ounces owned and minimize premiums. The flexibility of fractional buying, lower premiums, and ease of storage make gold bars a smart choice for both seasoned and novice investors.

Can you just sell a gold bar?

Absolutely, selling a gold bar is a straightforward process. Once you decide to liquidate your investment, you can easily sell your gold bar through reputable channels. OWNx, as a trusted platform, provides a seamless selling process, including the ability to sell fractional portions. Ensure that you follow standard procedures for selling precious metals, including verifying the authenticity of your bar and choosing a reputable buyer or platform.