Regulations, FinTech, and the Future

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As promised, President Trump has taken an ax to the regulatory burden that many feel has hindered economic growth. His actions have been swift and far reaching. It’s too early to tell how much of an impact changes in financial regulations will have because the scope isn’t yet known. However today he took a major step by halting the DOL fiduciary rule and ordering a sweeping review of Dodd-Frank.

If you are for less governmental regulation then the trend is your friend as they say in the investment world. If regulatory rollbacks reach into the world of FinTech, it will open the door for major structural financial system reforms. And that we believe is a very good thing.  Streamlined and low cost access to financial and investment instruments is good for everyone.

At OWNx, we see these trends taking shape. Our streamlined process for owning gold and silver bullion within a self directed IRA has set the industry standard for cost effectiveness, flexibility, and control. In other markets, thousands of companies are disrupting the financial world with their own innovations. This leaves ahead of all of us an exciting future that will help put the power and control of our financial wellness back into our own hands.

Much of the rest of the world is confused about whether we will continue to use cash or not and what will define our future financial system. The answers may be yet unknown, but they are just over the horizon. OWNx will be there to provide you with powerful tools to manage your gold and silver assets with a variety of choices that fit your lifestyle.

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