OWN|1,000 Ounce Silver Bars|

OWNx 1000 oz. silver bar delivery
OWNx 1000 oz. silver bar delivery
These large silver bars are +/- 1,000 oz and can vary significantly by weight but are generally between 980 and 1080 ounces. These silver bullion bars are accepted as COMEX deliverable and are the trading vehicles used for large deliverable quantities of silver bullion traded on the Commodity Futures Trading Exchange.

Because of their extremely low premium (near zero over the official spot price) they are an ideal way to accumulate silver bullion in large quantities.

Each bar is identified with the exact weight in troy ounces and the refinery’s hallmark. Each bar will have a unique serial number stamped on its surface. There are no other hallmark or images stamped on these bars and are thus less polished than smaller bars and coins.

If you have questions about these coins, you can call us 800-701-3546, or connect with us in writing via email.

1000 oz silver bullion bars are eligible for silver in IRA accounts.