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OWNx 10 oz. silver bar delivery
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OWNx makes it simple to add precious metals like 10 oz Silver Bars to your investment strategy.

10 oz Silver Bars Overview

Based on Today's Silver Price, a 10 Ounce Silver Bar is worth approximately $308.10

10 oz silver bullion bars are a very popular item because of their unique size and many options. We carry several different bars from the most popular manufacturers. Here are a few examples:

The Sunshine Mint has been creating unique designs since they began creating silver bullion bars in 1979. The popular ‘Silver Eagle’ design includes the name of the mint along with the .999 fine silver purity stamp as well as its ten troy ounce weight stamp. Though the bar is called the ‘Silver Eagle,’ it should not be confused with the Silver Eagle coins produced by the U.S. Mint.

The Republic Metals Corporation 10 oz bars boast the RMC logo and is stamped with the weight and .999 fine silver purity. Each bar also has a rounded border that adds to the bar's appeal. The reverse side of each bar has a repeating design that complements the bar as a whole.

The Silver Buffalo Silver Bar is produced in the IRA certified SilverTowne Mint, and was inspired by the traditional US minted Silver Buffalo coin. The obverse of this bar features the profile of a Native American as well as the inscriptions “LIBERTY”, “.999 FINE SILVER” and "TEN TROY OUNCES".

The North Texas Refinery 10 oz bar features the NTR Metals logo at the top, its purity (.999) and metal type (Silver). The back of the bar is stamped with "NTR Metals” and the NTR logo in a vertical pattern.

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Silver content: 10 Troy Ounces
Purity: .999
Dimensions: vary

Types of 10 oz Silver Bars at OWNx

Sunshine Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

Since 1979, the Sunshine Mint has been an iconic creator of silver bullion bars. Our 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bars showcase the popular 'Silver Eagle' design, a testament to the mint's creative prowess. Featuring the mint's name, the .999 fine silver purity stamp, and a distinct weight stamp, these bars stand out for their unique aesthetic. Please note that despite the 'Silver Eagle' name, these bars are distinct from the U.S. Mint's Silver Eagle coins.

Republic Metals Corporation 10 oz Silver Bar

Crafted by the Republic Metals Corporation, our 10 oz RMC Silver Bars boast the RMC logo and carry imprints of both weight and .999 fine silver purity. The rounded border enhances the visual appeal of each bar, while the reverse side features a captivating repeating design that complements the overall aesthetic.

Silver Buffalo 10 oz Silver Bar

Produced in the IRA certified SilverTowne Mint, our Silver Buffalo 10 oz Silver Bar draws inspiration from the traditional US-minted Silver Buffalo coin. The obverse of this bar showcases the profile of a Native American, accompanied by inscriptions such as "LIBERTY," ".999 FINE SILVER," and "TEN TROY OUNCES."

North Texas Refinery (NTR) 10 oz Silver Bar

The North Texas Refinery 10 oz Silver Bar proudly displays the NTR Metals logo at the top, indicating its exceptional quality. Stamped with its purity (.999) and metal type (Silver), the reverse side features the distinct "NTR Metals" inscription alongside the NTR logo in a vertical pattern.

At [Your Company Name], we invite you to explore these exquisite 10 oz silver bullion bars, each bearing the hallmark of quality and craftsmanship from renowned manufacturers. Choose your preferred design and elevate your precious metals portfolio with confidence.

Silver is a lustrous and versatile metal that has been a sought-after commodity for centuries. Among the various silver investment options available, the 10 oz silver bar stands out as a favorite for both novice and seasoned investors.

Why Invest in 10 oz Silver Bars?

When it comes to precious metals, silver bars offer a unique blend of affordability and value. The 10 oz silver bar is particularly popular due to its manageable size, making it a versatile choice for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios.

Long-Term Growth

Silver has a history of stable and consistent demand. 10 oz silver bars, with their upward trending values over the years, are a solid choice for long-term investment growth.

Accessibility and Availability

With a constant production stream, 10 oz silver bars are easily obtainable from a myriad of reputable mints. Whether you're a novice investor or someone seeking to bolster their existing portfolio, the acquisition of a few 10 oz silver bars is a seamless process.

Value and Affordability

With lower premiums than most silver coins, the 10 oz silver bar provides an economical way to accumulate silver. Its size strikes a balance between smaller bars, which might carry higher premiums, and larger bars that require a more substantial upfront investment.

Versatility in the Precious Metals Industry

Whether you're a collector drawn to intricate designs or an investor seeking pure silver, there's a 10 oz bar that fits your needs. From the hand-poured rustic bars to the finely minted ingots from renowned mints like the Royal Canadian Mint, there's a vast array to choose from.

Types of 10 oz Silver Bars

Cast Silver Bar vs. Minted Silver Bar

Cast silver bars are created by pouring molten silver into molds, resulting in a rugged, old-world appearance. Minted bars, on the other hand, are cut from flat sheets of silver and often feature intricate designs and polished finishes.

Popular Mints and Their Offerings

The Royal Canadian Mint is famed for its .9999 pure silver bars, each coming with a unique serial number for authentication. Other notable mints include the Golden State Mint, Scottsdale Mint, and Asahi Refining, each bringing their unique flair to the world of silver bullion bars.

Features to Look for in a 10 oz Silver Bar

  • Purity and Weight: Always ensure your bar is .999 or .9999 fine silver. The bar's weight should be clearly stamped, guaranteeing you're getting a full 10 oz of silver.
  • Security Features: Advanced mints incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures into their bars. Look for unique serial numbers, intricate designs, and even embedded security features that can be viewed under UV light.
  • Design and Aesthetics: While some investors prioritize purity and weight, others are drawn to the artistry of silver bars. From the iconic Lady Liberty designs to bars featuring wildlife or historical events, there's a design to captivate every investor.

How to Authenticate a 10 oz Silver Bar

  • Weight and Dimensions: A genuine 10 oz silver bar will weigh precisely 10 troy ounces. Its dimensions should match those specified by the mint.
  • Design and Markings: Familiarize yourself with the design elements typical of the mint in question. Any deviations could be a red flag.
  • Testing Methods: From the "ping" test, where genuine silver will emit a long, resonating ring, to acid tests or electronic testers, there are various methods to ensure your bar's authenticity.

Benefits of Diversifying with Silver Bars

Silver bars, especially the 10 oz size, offer a tangible way to protect against economic uncertainties. As a physical asset, silver isn't subject to the same risks as stocks or digital currencies. Furthermore, silver has a long history of value, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.