OWN|100 Ounce Silver Bars|

Republic Metals 100 oz. silver bullion bar OWNx delivery
100 oz. silver bullion bar OWNx delivery
100 oz. silver bullion bar OWNx delivery
OWNx makes it simple to add precious metals like 100 oz Silver Bars to your investment strategy.

100 oz Silver Bars Overview

100 oz silver bullion bars combine the ability to store significant value with low premiums over spot. We carry bars from several popular manufacturers such as Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, and Ohio Precious Metals.

Johnson Matthey bars have the JM logo elegantly scrolled on each bar. Most, but not all JM silver bars also feature a unique serial number.

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is one of the few mints in the world that produce .9999 fine silver bars. Each bar is stamped to denote its .9999 fine silver purity.

Every Ohio Precious Mint silver bars display the company’s mintmark, the .999 purity, and the weight. Many of these silver bars have a coloration that is more of a matte silver than it is the lustrous, shiny silver you may be used to.

Engelhard silver bars have not been in production for years, however they still command a premium over other brands due to their popularity with investors.

If you have questions about these bars, please contact support.