Technology Has Increased the Value of Holding Gold and Silver in an IRA

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IRA accounts serve a very specific purpose – to grow and protect long-term savings and investments. With geopolitical and economic trends shifting constantly, you need immediate access to as many of your assets as you possibly can in order to keep up with the changing landscape.

Many people hold assets such as real estate and private equity in their self-directed IRAs. The nature of the processes required to transact in those assets makes them relatively illiquid. It takes time to sell real estate and ownership in private companies. This limits their utility value to being strictly long-term, buy-and-hold investments, which in turn limits who will choose to hold those investments in their IRA.

With a world in rapid transition, holding what were previously believed to be stable, yet illiquid assets, may actually increase risk. You don’t have to go back very far to remember what happened with real estate between 2006 and 2010. It’s likely many people holding real estate in their self-directed IRA would have chosen to liquidate some and rebalance their portfolio if they’d had the opportunity.

Until recently, gold and silver have faced a similar problem. They are viewed as a desired asset to stabilize investment portfolios and provide protection against market volatility. However, the process to move them in and out of self-directed IRAs required a time commitment from the investor, and regularly took two weeks or longer to complete. Illiquidity limited their utility value.

Now that’s changed.

Financial technology is being developed to make access to a wide variety of assets much more simple and streamlined, thus making those assets much more valuable to a wider range of investors.

OWNx has integrated its popular gold and silver savings and trading platform with well- respected IRA custodians. Doing so has drastically decreased the time and hassle required to set up your accounts. However much more importantly, you now have 24×7 access to buy and sell your IRA gold and silver, enabling you to immediately react to changing market conditions. This level of liquidity is unprecedented in the world of precious metals self-directed IRAs.

So, is holding gold and silver in an IRA a good idea? Now that you can have full control over your assets, the answer might just be a resounding “yes.”

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