Silver: The Magic Metal

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Okay. It may be a bit of an exaggeration to call silver bullion a “magic” metal. However, in the age of high tech, there is little argument that it is one of the most versatile industrial metals. For decades it has been used in solar electric panels. It is used as an anti-bacterial in clothing. A tiny bit of silver is even used in every smartphone created today.

For decades there has been concern about the impact on your health from smartphone radiation. As new 5G technologies are deployed, your smartphone is going to be in an even more constant state of data exchange between them and their cell towers. That means more radiation.

Now, a French company claims that their silver ink passive antenna will protect you from smartphone radiation. They even have a handy-dandy little guide to help you perfectly place the silver patch in the exact spot on your phone for maximum protection. Now, whether or not you believe that smartphone radiation is a concern isn’t the point. What is interesting is that once again, silver bullion is the metal of choice to solve problems in high tech applications.

When the economy is humming along, as it is now, silver is consumed by industrial applications at a rapid clip. The Silver Institute is forecasting that green technologies alone will use 1.5 billion ounces of silver by 2030. That is why we have maintained our position that industrial applications for silver will put a floor under the market for the next two decades, and could send the price of silver much higher.

Silver bullion is often seen as playing second fiddle to gold bullion. When it comes to powering the future economy in a very practical way, however, silver wins hands down. Another reason why you might want to add to your own personal stack.

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