You know it's a good idea to own physical gold and silver...

The world is in a period of uncertainty and transition. Markets are volatile and wild swings are becoming more common. During such periods, a proven strategy to accumulate assets is through what is known as "dollar-cost averaging," or making regular purchases of an asset over time. The problem is, do you really need another "to do" on your calendar? No.

That's why OWNx has made it automatic.

  • Decide on the dollar amount of metal you want to accumulate.
  • Decide on the timeframe to accumulate it over.
  • Use your OWNx dashboard to schedule regular purchases to reach your goal.
Done. Now you're free to live your life and let us do the work for you.
How it works

OWNx has provided a smart and simple way to automatically save in silver and gold. I love the ability to conveniently accumulate precious metals, securely store the metal with a reasonable storage fee, and facilitate the delivery of the metal directly to my door.

Kevin H.

Open Your Account

In less than 10 minutes, create your profile and link your bank account. Once it's verified you are ready to go.

Schedule Purchases

Set up a schedule to meet your goals. We make purchases for you automatically on the days you choose.

Own Precious Metals

Dollar-cost-average into gold, silver, platinum, or palladium that is securely stored and registered in your name.

Cash or Delivery

Redeem your metal for cash at any time or have bars or coins delivered to your front door.

Invest a few minutes.
Secure your financial future with gold and silver.
Spend your time on what matters most.

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