Price of Gold Nearing 10 Month Low After Italy Vote

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Geopolitical uncertainty is supposed to help the price of gold right? Over the long term that is certainly the case. However, short to intermediate term fluctuations have more to do with capital flows and traditional correlations. This is likely the reason why the gold and silver price has performed poorly over the last few months.

Traditional correlations say that when the dollar and interest rates rise, the gold spot price falls. That certainly has been the case recently. The US dollar has soared since Brexit, and gained momentum after the election of Donald Trump. These combined with the vote by Italy to reject constitutional reforms (and thus their current government leadership) and we have a well entrenched trend toward increasing geopolitical uncertainty.

It is likely that Italy will now have a change in government that is much more open to leaving the European Union. The geopolitical and economic implications of this are significant. Once the reality of the magnitude of the changes coming becomes manifest in the market place and financial systems, we will likely see gold and silver prices reverse to the upside for a sustained period. In fact it could likely be the catalyst for a new multi-year bull market in gold and silver.

Gold Heads for 10-Month Low as Investors Look Past Italy Vote

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