Preparing Gold and Silver for a Digital Financial World

OWNx TeamMoney & Financial Technology

Recently, we’ve been writing more on the role of Financial Technology in today’s fast changing world. The reason is, whether Boomers or Gen Xers like it or not, the Millennial generation is quickly becoming a high-tech and mobile generation.

This trend has huge implications for all business to consumer product development. As survey after survey confirms Millennial’s appetite for technology solutions, businesses large and small will benefit from developing  platforms that meet those expectations. That is, they will if they expect to be around as this generation moves into its prime earning and spending years.

We are just now in the early stages of this massive shift. Older generations may not have to fully embrace all aspects of the coming wave of technology. However, they will not be able to avoid embracing technology in areas such as mobile payments, investing, and online management of physical assets – such as gold and silver. And that is why we built the OWNx platform.

Our clients understand the freedom that leveraging technology provides. They have become accustomed to the control and flexibility that automatic or immediate buying and selling of physical gold and silver provides them. Eliminating the cumbersome manual process previously required for owning gold and silver in an IRA is not just a nice feature. It is a new standard required by our clients and custodians alike. For our clients and partners, technology is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity.

Millennials and technology are driving the future. It’s only fair to you, our current and future clients, that we keep you informed of the impact their influence is having on the development of products and services across the financial spectrum. Having an eye firmly on this trend drives OWNx to innovate, and ensures that you will have a platform to manage your gold and silver holdings that stays in step with all that the emerging world of financial technology has to offer.

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