Are You Financially Literate? April is the Month to Find Out

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April is Financial Literacy Month. It is smart to set aside a time to focus on finances, because money and finances are something that touch each and every one of us nearly every day. To that end, the folks at Money Management International have put together a comprehensive and helpful guide addressing many of the issues to consider when creating a personal financial plan.

While understanding the basics of managing personal finance is important, you also need to be aware that the entire global financial system is changing, and those changes are going to impact your life. In the next few years we will witness:

  • Major changes to global payment systems
  • Increasing disruption to the financial industry via FinTech
  • A possible reorganization of the global monetary system

There is a great deal to stay on top of if you are to successfully navigate the coming changes. That is why OWNx is using our blog and news platform to make 2017 a Year of Financial Literacy. We intend to use our platform to help you understand how these changes will impact you as well as the important role that gold and silver will play in this transition period.

Keep stacking. Keep learning. We will be here to help you with both.

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Image Credit: Wooden Earth Ltd.

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