Large 3,000 year old golden ‘belt’ found in the UK

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A mysterious 3,000-year-old gold torc, described as one of the largest ever discovered, has been found in the UK. A torc is a stiff ring of metal, made in a single piece or from several strands twisted together. The size of this torc (nearly 50 inches in length) has left open speculation as to what it was actually used for.

Discoveries like this remind us of the timeless value of gold. Whether used by Kings as a store of wealth, priests in ceremonies, or ornamentation, gold bullion has been a significant part of cultures for thousands of years.

In cultures such as India, gold is still a widely used metal for jewelry and ornamentation. These items also serve a dual purpose as a long term store of savings and thus Indian consumption of gold drives a substantial portion of overall gold demand. Meanwhile, in the United States, jewelry usage is more limited and gold demand is now primary investment related.

Regardless of its use, gold bullion has been, and always will be something that fascinates all of mankind.  It’s future will be just as exciting as its past.

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