Storing Your Gold and Silver

Many people don’t own physical gold and silver because they don’t have a place to safely store it. We understand their concern. That is why we don’t just make it easy to buy gold and silver. We also partner with a world class storage facility so clients who do not want to take delivery have a place to keep it safe.

The safety and security of what you own is important to you. That’s why it is important to us.

“I like the idea of owning gold and silver, but have never liked the idea of keeping it at home. Thanks OWNx for giving me the option to have you guys handle it for me!”
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Our partner is your partner, and your partner is a fully insured, world-class non-bank depository.

Our clients’ metal is safely stored at First State Depository Company, LLC located in Wilmington, Delaware. We have had a great relationship with First State for years.

Our relationship with First State goes beyond providing a place for our clients to store their metal. We have teamed with them to share technology that provides our clients with an added level of security and trust.

  • When you create an account with OWNx, our system automatically creates an account at First State Depository in your name.
  • When you buy gold and silver bullion through your dashboard, both OWNx and First State create a record of your titled ownership.
What does that mean to you?

When we say you own your gold and silver, we mean it.

When we say you have direct access to it, we mean that too.

OWNx is not an intermediary. If you ever needed to, you could contact the depository directly and they would give you access to your gold and silver. While it is highly unlikely that you would ever need to do that, it demonstrates our commitment to give you easy, safe, and direct access to your gold and silver.

How much does it cost to store my gold and silver?

There is a small monthly storage fee of 0.05% (that is five hundredths of one percent) of the value of your holdings. To make it easy, we simply deduct it from your gold or silver holdings automatically on the first of each month. For example, if you have 20 ounces of silver in your account, 1/100th of an ounce of silver is deducted from your account to cover the storage fee.