It's Time to Own.

Securing brighter futures through direct ownership of physical gold and silver


verb | \ˈōn\

1 : to have |X| as property
2 : to legally possess |X|

Ownership transcends the mere idea of buying and selling. When you own something |X|, focus falls away from transactions and lands squarely on long-term relationships. OWNx exists to give you unprecedented access to gold and silver and be your guide to own these time-tested assets.

Why Gold & Silver?

Gold and silver have retained their value over thousands of years, in good times and bad. They are truly a different type of financial asset than stocks and mutual funds and are not dependent on the performance or promises of any issuers.

Direct ownership of gold and silver provide an absolute and unique ingredient to diversification strategy which brings financial stability.

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Ways to Own

  • Automatic

    Accumulate gold and silver in your account automatically each week or month through dollar-cost-averaging

  • One-Time

    Add to your holdings by choosing the day you would like to make a single purchase

  • Live Buy & Sell

    Make single purchases from your OWNx cash holdings using our live pricing feature

  • Payroll Deduction

    Employees of participating companies and organizations gain access to gold and silver ownership through payroll deduction

  • OWNx IRA

    The easiest and most streamlined way to have gold and silver in your IRA

Secure Storage for What You Own

Every grain of gold or ounce of silver is securely stored in a fully-insured, world-class depository and is legally yours.

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The Speed of Liquidity

If the need arises, the physical gold and silver in your OWNx account can quickly be converted to cash and returned to your bank account.

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Your Options for Physical Delivery

Many companies only offer storage of your gold and silver or give very limited options. OWNx provides a wide range of items for delivery and low minimums – 20 ounces of silver or one-half ounce of gold.

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It’s time to secure a brighter future.