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Never before has it been easier or cost effective for LifeMart members to obtain the security of financial insurance that only precious metals can provide.

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The time to own financial insurance is now...

The world is changing.

Government debt and geopolitical tensions are in the news daily, creating financial uncertainty not seen since 2008.
Add stability to your portfolio.

From 2008 to 2012 the price of gold and silver doubled, while stock prices remained flat. 

It's aways been smart.

For 5000 years, gold and silver have acted as financial insurance and money.

How you save with LifeMart and OWNx...

#1 Avoid Being Overcharged

Precious metals providers make a profit by charging a cost above the market value of the raw metal. Unfortunately, many companies charge these "premiums" of 15% to 20%. Sometimes more.

You deserve better.

#2 Buy Cost Effective Metal

The OWNx platform enables you to own physical gold and silver in fractions of ounces of the same, cost-effective bars that large institutions invest in - 1000 oz. silver and 1-kilo gold bars.

Own more ounces for your money.

#3 Receive Discounted Premiums

By creating an account now, you permanently lock in savings over our already low premiums (which range from 5.99 down to 1.99% depending on the quantity you purchase) by up to 33%!

This is because... LifeMart!

Flexibility to fit your budget!

(Start with as little as $25)


Set up a schedule.

In five minutes you can set a schedule that automatically invests an amount of your choosing in gold or silver each week or month.


Buy when you want.

Our platform is connected to real-time pricing for the precious metals markets. Buy instantly any time the markets are open, 24X7.


Do both!

Set a regular schedule and add to your holdings any time your budget allows or when pricing is favorable.

All of your holdings are stored safely in a world-class depository until you sell them or take delivery!

What our clients are saying...

"OWNx has provided a smart and simple way to automatically save in silver and gold. I love the ability to conveniently accumulate precious metals, securely store the metal, and facilitate delivery directly to my door."

Carlos F.

"I am very happy with your company. A few of my coworkers signed up this year because of me bragging how easy it is."

Kevin H.

"OWNx has made it easy for me and my family to invest slowly and over time. Shipping and delivery has always been good. I could go on, but I recommend OWNx to anyone looking to purchase precious metals for any reason.
David R.
By creating an account, you are under no obligation to purchase anything, and no financial or credit card information is required. In fact, you can cancel your account at any time. You will simply be able to see how your dashboard empowers you to buy and sell precious metals how and when you want!
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