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Gold and Silver Market Update 3/24/17

OWNx TeamGold & Silver Market

Gold and silver appear to be taking a pause after a strong two week run. During that time, the price of gold rose from $1,200 to about $1,250 at the close of this week. The price of silver had fallen to $17 but has risen to $17.83 at the time of this writing.

Both have posted solid gains and it is no surprise that they are now taking a breather.  The broader stock markets are also digesting recent gains. There is a great deal of geopolitical and economic activity, which introduces enough uncertainty to cause strong movements in either direction to take a pause while trends are re-evaluated.

We continue to see wisdom in an appropriate gold and silver accumulation strategy. As mentioned last week, there are plenty of reasons to see a strong gold and silver market in the months and years ahead.

In case you missed our article earlier this week, we drew a link between large retailers closing their doors and the price of gold. The massive changes to our economy due to an antiquated monetary system and the introduction of new technology touches all markets and industries, including gold and silver.

Enjoy our weekend,

The OWNx Team


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