The Wisdom of Simplicity

OWNx TeamGlobal Finance and Economics, Money & Financial Technology

You can sense it, can’t you? Fatigue is setting in. The degree with which technology has changed the world in the last decade has been enormous. Yet a common refrain among our friends and family goes like this…

“If technology is supposed to save me all of this time, why do I feel like I have less of it to enjoy my friends and family?”

The answer seems obvious. The average American receives dozens of push notifications on their phone every day. This is hyperconnectivity to a world in which relationships are diluted; a world that is increasingly polarized in how to deal with a diverse set of socioeconomic challenges. It is fear of missing out on “the new thing.” It is technology owning our time — not liberating us to enjoy our lives.

And it’s not going to get better anytime soon. We are experiencing a massive acceleration in global change due to new technologies coming online in areas ranging from robotics, to AI, to healthcare, to financial services. Few are prepared to deal with the adjustments humanity will need to make to accommodate this disruption.

So what is the answer?

Take control now. Make a conscious decision to ruthlessly eliminate anything that does not contribute to your economic, physical, spiritual, and relational health. That may be a tall order, however, those who make the choice today to prune all but the essentials in life will find themselves happier and more fulfilled in the years to come.

This may sound a little odd coming from a company that provides online access to gold and silver. However, it is at the heart of why we do what we do. Smart. Simple. We believe that the need to live life with those two words in mind will emerge as a mega-trend of its own. It only makes sense then to apply them to how you manage all of your investments, including silver and gold.

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