Blake Koch’s Victory Lane: Steering FilterTime to Entrepreneurial Success

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Blake Koch OwnX Silver Saver Nascar and Filter Time

In the world of NASCAR, speed, strategy, and endurance are not just part of the race; they’re essentials for crossing the finish line first. Blake Koch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have taken these elements from the track to the entrepreneurial world with their venture, FilterTime®. This journey from high-speed racing to high-efficiency air filtering is nothing short of a victory lap in the making. Let’s explore how these racing stars are paving their way to business success.

Backgrounds of the Founders

Both Koch and Earnhardt Jr. boast impressive careers in NASCAR, with Koch having 213 starts in the Xfinity Series and Earnhardt Jr. securing 50 victories, including two Daytona 500 wins. Their transition from the racetrack to entrepreneurship was fueled by a passion for innovation and service. Koch’s earlier association with, now OWNx, a platform for investing in physical silver and gold, laid the groundwork for his business ventures, blending his love for racing with his entrepreneurial spirit.

OWNx makes it simple to invest in precious metals.

Genesis of FilterTime®

The spark for FilterTime® was ignited by Koch’s realization of a common issue homeowners face: forgetting to replace air filters. This led to the creation of a subscription-based service delivering air filters directly to customers, ensuring better air quality and HVAC system efficiency. Earnhardt Jr.’s addition as a partner brought a homeowner’s perspective to the mix, amplifying the venture’s relevance and reach.

“I’m a homeowner, and I know how hard it can be to remember to change your filters on a regular basis,” Earnhardt Jr. shared, highlighting the practicality of FilterTime®. 

Koch added, “Dale was the partner that I wanted. His fan base is the typical FilterTime® customer, the everyday person who works hard at maintaining his/her home.” 

These sentiments underline the service’s mission to blend convenience with necessity, making home maintenance easier for everyone.

OWNx makes it simple to invest in precious metals.

The Role of NASCAR in Shaping Business Acumen

The founders’ NASCAR background has been instrumental in shaping their approach to business. The competitive nature of racing, coupled with the need for precise timing and strategy, mirrors the entrepreneurial journey. Their fame and credibility have also played crucial roles in branding and marketing FilterTime®, leveraging their fan base to establish trust and awareness around the brand.

Link with OWNx and Strategic Partnerships

Koch’s partnership with (now showed his ability to forge strategic connections, a skill that has translated well into the development of FilterTime®. This collaboration not only showcased Koch’s marketing savvy but also highlighted the potential for innovative business models within the NASCAR community.

Impact and Future Aspirations of FilterTime®

Since its inception, FilterTime® has made significant strides in the market, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Looking ahead, the founders aim to expand the service, exploring new markets and possibly integrating advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience. The goal is to not only maintain FilterTime®’s trajectory of success but to accelerate it, ensuring that the service remains at the forefront of home maintenance solutions.

Customer Praise and Eco-Friendly Initiative

FilterTime® has not only revolutionized air filter replacement with its subscription service but has also been met with enthusiastic reviews for its impact and convenience. 

One customer raved, 

“Awesome service & concept. Setup was a breeze, and now I don’t have to remember to buy filters; they just arrive when it’s time.” 

Another highlighted, “The ordering process was super easy, and the quality of the filters is impressive. FilterTime® is a game-changer for my home.” 

Beyond delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, FilterTime® stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. By optimizing HVAC efficiency through timely filter replacements, the service significantly reduces energy consumption, contributing to a healthier planet. This dual focus on enhancing home air quality and promoting eco-friendly practices underlines FilterTime®’s dedication to making a positive difference in both customers’ lives and the environment.


From the exhilarating laps of NASCAR to the entrepreneurial journey with FilterTime®, Blake Koch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have demonstrated that the drive for success knows no bounds. Their venture stands as a testament to their adaptability, ingenuity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As they continue to steer FilterTime® towards new horizons, their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. With each filter changed and each customer satisfied, Koch’s victory lane in the business world becomes ever more distinguished.

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