October 2023: Reality Speaks

There are times when world events cause us to pause and re-evaluate the trajectory of history, and our role in that history. Regardless of whether you are a father, mother, brother, sister, local, state, or national leader in business, politics, or a faith-based organization, you have a role in shaping the future. It may be your family history, or it may be world history. It's all important as we seek to build a brighter future for the next generations, even when in the short-term, the future doesn't look so bright.

With the horrific events that are engulfing Israel and the Middle East, there is little for us to say. As our client, you know what our platform does and why we built it. We stand ready to serve you in whatever capacity we can to help you protect your financial assets during these increasingly uncertain times. 


The OWNx Team

Gold and Silver

What Do the Charts Say?


The charts show that gold is likely to lead the next major move in the precious metals markets. For the past three years, the price of gold has split its time trading in a range between $1,750 and $1,850, and making several attempts to break out to new highs.  The green lines show a well-defined short-term downward channel that touched that $1,850 upper range line. The price then rebounded sharply, keeping it from re-entering that trading range.

If in subsequent days/weeks, the price begins to fall and remains in the short-term downward channel, gold could re-enter the $1,750/$1,850 trading range again for some time before pushing out to the upside. A decisive break above the top of the present green channel in the coming days could signal that this latest trip to $1,850 marks significant intermediate-term support, if not a potential longer-term low.

Silver, on the other hand, seems to be a metal in search of an identity. With the global economic environment deteriorating due, in part, to escalating geopolitical conflict, it seems as though it can't decide which is more prominent, its role as a monetary or industrial metal. As such, we believe it will act as it has many times in the past, where the price of silver initially lags gold, but then plays catch up in a hurry. Therefore, we wouldn't be surprised to see it trade within its wide range of $19 to $26 until gold makes a decisive move.

Gold in today's world...

Thoughts from the Front Line - September 22

From John Mauldin commenting on his personal porfolio... "I am not a gold bug, but I bought a significant (for me at the time) amount in the early 2000s at a generational low. The price is obviously up and is still a significant personal position. I don't really look at gold as an investment but more as central bank insurance. If I ever sell my gold, it will be because things have gone to hell in a handbasket for either me personally or the world in general. I sometimes quip that I hope my gold goes to zero because that means the world has done very well. I'm afraid that will not be the case. I should add more."

How The War In Israel and Gaza Is Shaking Financial Markets And Affecting Your Wallet

"Investors’ flight to safety could strengthen U.S. dollar, gold. The rush Monday morning to longstanding safe-haven commodities like gold and the U.S. dollar has since stabilized. Most investors appear to be in a holding pattern after the market initially reacted to the Israeli news, indicating there is no need to be hasty. However, if similar rushes continue to occur in the future, it’s possible the dollar could get too strong, making the cost of American exports too pricey for foreign buyers."

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