OWNx Newsletter – Issue #2: November 2017

Fall is Here!

Time flies and we are nearing the holiday season once again. Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrate new beginnings. Thus, the theme of this newsletter is "origins." Some origins are clear, while others evolve over time. This issue will explore origins of gold and silver as money, as well as the financial technology revolution. We'll share a little of the story of how OWNx came into being, and invite you to share with us what led to your interest in precious metals and the world of finance.

Gold, Silver, Cryptos & Fintech

The First Stamped Gold & Silver Coins

Gold has been used as money for 5000 years. However, this article gives an interesting history of the origin of coins stamped with images, which is a hallmark of modern coinage.

The Birth and Evolution of Banking

From early stamped coins arose "moneychangers" to handle exchange between various coins. After that, "banking" took on a life of its own. Now, the system has evolved to one that is highly efficient, but subject to abuse and instability.

The Birth of Cryptos

There is no argument that Bitcoin is the origin of modern crypto currency. This site site tracks the early days of Bitcoin. From the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto to the filing of the first patent for Bitcoin in 2008, the mining of the Genesis block on January 3, 2009, and beyond.

Where Did "FinTech" Come From?

This article goes waaay back. We think of Fintech as a modern phenomenon. And while it is, it's nice to be reminded that history has a long view of the world of money.

Suggested Reading

Industrial Silver Demand Keeps Growing

Silver is an essential metal for three fast growing industries.

"99% of ICOs are [worthless]"

We agree, which is why caution is warranted in crypto investing. But ICOs still have changed the world forever. Thoughts from one FinTech analyst on "3 hours that shook my world."

Announcing a New Depository Storage Facility

At OWNx, we are always working to provide smart, simple access to gold and silver. We want to make you aware of a change with regard to storage operations in Delaware. Effective immediately, all gold and silver on the OWNx platform is being stored at International Depository Services (IDS), located in New Castle, Delaware. If you missed the email announcement that we sent on November 3rd, please check your inbox.

Because of this relationship, we will soon be able to offer you a choice of depository options. Watch for the coming announcement!

Please let us know if you have any questions at service@ownx.com.

OWNx Office Closure Dates

It's November already! Summer has given way to the rapidly approaching holiday season so we wanted to let you know which dates OWNx will be closed as we join you in celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.
  • November 23 Thanksgiving Day
  • November 24 Family Day
  • December 25 Christmas
  • January 1 New Year's Day    

Featured Question

In keeping with the theme for our November 2017 Newsletter, we'll address a question we often get regarding OWNx's origin.
"How long has OWNx been in business?"
Well, here is the short story...

OWNx began in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. CEO Jeremy Brakenhoff and COO Josh McCleary, founders of OWNx, saw that the silver market had gone completely nuts. Panic liquidation in the silver paper market had driven the price of 1000 ounce silver bars nearly 40% below the "street" price of smaller coins and bars. The large players were able to buy silver at prices well below the general public. There was nothing fair about this, and it all had to do with access to the metal. 

Enough was enough.

"SilverSaver" was soon born as a means to leverage technology to provide you with access to the lowest priced silver available. The SilverSaver platform enabled anyone to save their hard earned money in those low priced 1000 ounce bars. Customers who wanted to take delivery of their metal could exchange their ownership of the large bars for smaller items. It was easy, transparent, and automatic, so clients could set up a schedule to accumulate silver and go on living their lives.

Fast forward nearly ten years. You how have access to a smart, simple Dashboard where you decide how and when you want to buy both gold and silver. You can choose instant real-time purchasing, setting a schedule, or holding your metal in the best self-directed IRA platform in the nation.

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue removing the access barriers and leveling your playing field. Technology is one of the great levelers. We are committed to helping you manage your gold and silver assets with the best technology platform available. Expanding your depository choices is just the beginning. In 2018 there will be some exciting announcements. Stay tuned!

What is your origin story?

We'd love to hear from you. What brought you into the world of gold and silver? Was it the 2008 Financial Crisis? Was it gold and silver's 5000 year history as money?

Your story will help us build out the next generation of the OWNx platform. One that creates a world class connection to the emerging world of Financial Technology...

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