September 2018

It's Fall - Time To Simplify Your Life

In the last edition of the OWNx newsletter, we talked about the Megatrends that are underway in the world. As these trends unfold, they will generate an enormous amount of noise as a new socioeconomic and political structure emerges. Unless you have a plan to deal with it, the noise will create a tremendous amount of confusion. And confusion can lead to mistakes. Clear your plate of unnecessary distractions and you will be better positioned to avoid making unnecessary mistakes as the world undergoes these titanic shifts.

That is the simple message of this newsletter.

Gold, Silver, Cryptos, and FinTech

Gold-To-Silver Ratio Spikes To Highest Level In 27 Years

What to do while waiting for the next big bull market in gold and silver? Maybe look at playing the "beta." When the gold to silver ratio hits this level, historically, it means silver will outperform gold for the intermediate term. That means if you are holding gold, now may be the time to exchange it for silver.

Cryptocurrency Outlook: 4 Key Indicators It’s Here to Stay

We believe crypto is here to stay despite the hand wringing in the sector. However, it first must find the bottom of the "trough of disillusionment" and we aren't quite sure it's there yet.

The Future Of Banking: Fintech Or Techfin?

FinTech is when new companies deliver better financial services using new technology. Techfin is when existing tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google reach deep into financial services. Techfin threatens to dominate Fintech - and that's not a good thing.

Suggested Reading

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Many of the OWNx team members have read this book. It's an excellent guide to simplifying your life by cutting out the noise. For those looking to create space in their lives for other pursuits, this is a must-read.

Questions that make you say, "hmmmm...."

Here are three questions that will help you begin to decrease the "noise" in your life.

I'm ready to lower the volume!