March 2019

Time is ticking as critical decisions are being made at the crossroads.

In our last newsletter, we published a link to an article from John Mauldin where he asked the question, "Will the Fed reach too far in raising interest rates and draining liquidity? Or will they reverse course in time to avoid a recession?"

We have the answer. In their January FOMC meeting, the Fed blinked and announced a temporary halt to interest rate increases, citing a "weakening" economy and "cross-currents" in the markets. But they didn't stop there. They also signaled a possible end to their balance sheet liquidation operations later this year.

Both of these came as a bit of a surprise to many analysts, and is consistent with our theme for the year - we are indeed at a crossroads. That means we can expect more of the unexpected as everyone from individuals to world leaders make important decisions in the weeks and months ahead.

Gold, Silver, Cryptos, and FinTech

Silver, not gold, is the portfolio insurance to buy now

"Portfolio insurance is cheap today. If you own silver, hold on. If not, buy it." - William L. Seiber, New York University. We would make one adjustment to his statement. "If you own silver, keep accumulating."

Platinum and Palladium are now on the OWNx platform.

Now you have more "Xs" that you can own!

JP Morgan is rolling out cryptocurrency

Well, you knew this was coming, didn't you? The question is, can they scale it?

Suggested Reading

Recession Signals Are Piling Up

It has to happen someday. The longest expansion in history has to come to an end. Does it happen in 2020, or as we mentioned above, has the Fed ended its rate hikes in time? Or... does it matter?

Rethinking Money - How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity

Over a year ago, this was on our list of suggested reading. We're suggesting it again because it's reasonably short, and it introduces you to new concepts about money that, as we said then, will "melt your brain." Enjoy.

It's (still) that time of year again. The tax man cometh...

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