Decentralization - A Big Word With Big Implications

You cannot be involved in anything related to finance without running headlong into the big "D" word--along with its cousin, "Distributed." It seems the world is enamored with the idea of decentralized everything. For the most part, that is a good thing. After all, separation of powers has been a primary governing principle of our nation since its founding.

This touches on the related principle of "localism." Localism states that people in closest proximity (geographic, relational, or both) are better equipped to understand and care for the needs of a community than a distant, centralized government. As financial technology takes us into the world of decentralization, it naturally enables the principle of localism to flourish. This has profound implications for the future of the world.

Gold, Silver, Cryptos and FinTech

This Billionaire Has Put Half His Net Worth Into Gold

This is not a recommendation to do the same, but it does make an interesting story.

Blockchain Technology Has Power to Destroy Monopolies

This little two minute video explains why distributed ledgers may change the entire way business is conducted.

When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town

Talk about decentralization and distributed ledger technology coming close to home. Just be aware. This has happened before. Remember oil shale in the Rockies?

Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

Just when the world was getting a handle on DLT (distributed ledger technology), along comes the DAG (distributed acrylic graph).

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Suggested Reading/Watching

Money & Life

Distributed ledgers and decentralization have led to a profound shift in how we view our relationship with money. This documentary asks some very thought-provoking questions. What role should gold play as the very nature of money changes?

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Interesting insights

There are many reasons to own gold and silver. OWNx clients hold them for the following reasons:

31% because they expect the price to rise significantly in value over the coming years.

27% as part of a diversified portfolio.

24% because of concern about economic and geopolitical instability.

10% to protect and secure their retirement.

Our clients are quite diversified in their reasons for holding gold and silver. All are great reasons to invest in these timeless assets!