OWN|American Gold Buffalo|

OWNx American Gold Buffalo obverse delivery
OWNx American Gold Buffalo reverse delivery
The American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin was first authorized by Congress in 2005 and first minted in June 2006. They have quickly become very popular due to their being minted by the United States Mint, which guarantees their purity and weight. The gold in these coins must be taken from newly mined sources in America.

As with American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo Gold coins are widely recognized and highly liquid. They can be sold for cash at most coin and precious metals dealers not only in the United States, but around the world. Along with American Gold Eagles, these coins are also considered United States legal tender. The face value of $50 is largely symbolic as the value of the gold it contains is far greater.

To learn more, download the official US Mint sheet on these coins.

If you have questions about these coins, you can call us 800-701-3546, or connect with us in writing via email. Another popular coin produced by the United States mint is the American Gold Eagle Coin.