With all the uncertainty in the world, you keep an eye on gold and silver prices...

Maybe you have developed a feel for the market’s ebb and flow. It could be that you’ve been trading paper proxies like ETFs, but you realize in today's world it's better to own the real thing. How can you have 24X7 access to buy physical metals and also have instant liquidity?

The answer is now.

  • You decide when the time is right to buy or sell.
  • Click.
Done. You are in control.

How it works

With OWNx I can buy and sell with the click of a button whether I am at home or playing with my kids in the park.

Janice R.
Open Your OWNx Account

Open Your Account

In 10 minutes, create your profile and update your bank account. When verified (24-48 hrs), you're ready to go.

Fund Your Account

Send funds to your FDIC-insured cash account via ACH or wire transfer for larger amounts.

Purchase "Now!"

You choose the time and price. With just a few clicks, you immediately own physical gold and silver.

Cash or Delivery

Sell your gold and silver for cash or have bars or coins delivered to your front door.

Instant access to physical gold and silver?
You've found it. Click. Done.
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