Why Own Gold & Silver?

Gold and Silver Are Time-Tested Financial Tools

Gold and silver have retained their value over literally thousands of years, in good times and bad. They are truly different types of financial assets than stocks or mutual funds, which is why owning gold and silver provide the financial stability that comes from diversification.

Throughout 5,000 years of recorded history, gold and silver have stood the test of time. Silver was the preferred unit of exchange in nearly every early culture worldwide, while gold was the designated store of value for kings and wealthy individuals. Whether a citizen, a Pharaoh or a King-everyone understood the value of gold and silver. Today, they continue to be widely recognized, wherever you go in the world. Access to gold and silver ownership provides everyone a proven way to preserve and grow wealth.

Direct Ownership of Physical Gold and Silver

Although there are many ways to have indirect exposure to gold and silver, there is no substitute for direct physical ownership. Equities in mining companies and today’s highly popular exchange traded funds (ETFs) provide a means to mimic price movements, but lack several of the properties that make physical gold and silver unique. Below is a comparison between ETF exposure and direct gold and silver ownership.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Physical Gold & Silver
Paper proxies that mimic the price movement of the underlying assets Physical assets that have their own highly liquid market
Counterparty risk exists No counterparty risk
Central banks and governments do not accumulate shares of gold and silver ETFs Central banks and governments accumulate physical gold and silver
Each prospectus states that they can settle in cash, removing the 'financial insurance' benefits of gold and silver Ownership of these assets act as 'financial insurance' for anyone's portfolio
Delivery not possible for the average person Delivery possible in large bars as well as smaller denomination items

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