Employee Benefit

OWNx Gold and Silver

Through an OWNx account established through a participating employer, employees can increase their financial wellness through the stability and security that comes from diversification. Employees simply designate an amount from each paycheck to be placed in their OWNx account in the form of gold, silver, or both. It’s voluntary and after-tax.

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What You Own

Each payroll deduction provides you with ownership of a specific weight of physical gold or silver that is insured and stored in large bar form (1,000-oz silver, kilo gold). If the need arises, you can sell your holdings at any time or you can choose to take delivery by exchanging the weight you own for specific items. Additional fees may apply. Please see Delivery for more details.


Every time you add gold or silver to your account via payroll deduction, the price you pay is determined by the following circumstances on that particular day:

OWNx Daily Base Price + Your Employer’s Rate


- Minimum payroll deductions are $10 per pay period.

- See the Storage, Liquidity and Delivery pages for more information regarding features beyond accumulating gold and silver in your OWNx account.

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