In a Rapidly Changing World, Precious Metals Are a Smart Way to Diversify Your Investments

That's why Provident Trust Group has integrated their online portal with the OWNx gold and silver dashboard. Together we provide you with smart, simple access to your IRA gold and silver.

Respond to Changing Markets

Buy? Sell? You have 24x7 access via your Dashboard.

Rebalance Your Portfolio

It's possible when you have access!

Buy Over Time

Steadily accumulate metal in your IRA.

Provident Trust Group and OWNx have removed the pain experienced with setting up your accounts and buying your metal.


The Provident Trust Group/OWNx team puts you in control of your IRA gold and silver through your own trading Dashboard.

Create an OWNx Account in Five Minutes.
No obligation. Just see it for yourself!

Create My Online Dashboard!


Call us with any questions at 800-701-3546

“I am very pleased with my decision to establish an OWNx precious metals IRA. The online set-up was simple, I received great customer service, and the cost to establish this IRA was lower than anywhere else. I can buy and sell anytime from my Dashboard. Thank you for making everything so easy!” Tim - Grapevine, TX
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