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OWNx Announces the Addition of Kingdom Trust to Its Industry Leading Gold and Silver IRA Management Platform.

LAWRENCE, Kan. – May 2, 2017 — OWNx, the provider of technology based solutions for individuals to manage their physical gold and silver holdings, today announced the addition of Kingdom Trust to their precious metals self-directed IRA platform which provides clients on-line real time buying and selling of gold and silver from within their self-directed IRA.

Through the OWNx platform, clients can now open and link an OWNx and Kingdom Trust self-directed IRA account online. Once the self-directed IRA account is funded, all purchases of gold and silver are managed from the OWNx online Dashboard with no additional paperwork. This enables OWNx/Kingdom Trust clients unparalleled flexibility and control over the gold and silver assets they hold within their self-directed IRA.

Commenting on the new relationship with OWNx, Bo Ives, President of Kingdom Trust said, “Kingdom Trust prides itself on providing innovative and flexible solutions to the needs of the modern investor. As investors choose new ways hold alternatives like Bitcoin, marketplace lending notes and precious metals, our firm consistently seeks ways to streamline the processes involving those assets.”

And streamlining what is known in the precious metals industry as an antiquated, cumbersome, and time consuming process is what OWNx has accomplished. Their IRA gold and silver management Dashboard is a further extension of the company’s goal to provide smart, flexible, low cost access to gold and silver to everyone by developing powerful solutions using financial technology.

“Customers and custodians have been frustrated for years with the lengthy, manual process of getting gold and silver assets into a self-directed IRA. The process has been unpleasant, error prone, and pricing has not been transparent.” said Jeremy Brakenhoff, CEO of OWNx. “Customers finally have the ability to manage their gold and silver holdings within a self-directed IRA with the ease and transparency of buying and selling stocks and other assets. We’re happy that Kingdom Trust is working with us to increase everyone’s access to gold and silver through the OWNx IRA platform.”

Those interested in the benefits of the OWNx IRA platform and Kingdom Trust integration can learn more here:

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