OWNx is integrated with three of the leading providers of technology solutions and alternative investment opportunities in the US.

Together, we will enable you to:

  • Have complete control over your assets

    Buy AND sell gold and silver directly from your OWNx Dashboard anytime around the clock.

  • Have flexibility to manage your portfolio

    When you sell metal, the cash will transfer directly to your IRA account so you can rebalance
    your portfolio with ease.

  • Own more ounces of gold and silver

    Due to the lower premiums we offer, you will be able to own more ounces of physical
    gold and silver in your IRA account!


Established in 2008

More than 29,000 clients

More than $4.5 billion in assets

More about Provident Trust

Located in Murray, Kentucky

More than 100,000 clients

More than $12 billion in assets

More about Kingdom Trust


Established in 2003

Over 70 employees

More than $1.9 billion in assets

More about New Direction

If you would like additional information about us or our platform-integrated custodians, email us at ira@ownx.com, or call 800-701-3546 and ask for our IRA team.